Plan Ahead : Why Plan Ahead?

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Funerals are for the living, and a tribute to those who have gone on.  Additionally, by outlining how  you would like to be remembered, your loved ones can properly remember your unique life, and share the memories that made you special to them.

Having a pre-planning conversation with your family about end of life decisions is vital to ensure that your wishes are carried out before and after your death.  Additionally, pre-planning allows your family to fully grieve and process your death without worrying about minute details.  This may be a difficult subject for some families to approach.  Don't worry, that is normal. The important part is to clearly specify your wishes, and talk to your family about what you want.

Benefits of prearrangement - Informed People Making Better Decisions

  • Gives you a voice in your final arrangements

  • Less Stress on Loved Ones - Having all the details arranged before your death allows your family to have time to grieve, spend time with each other, and celebrate your life.  Having a funeral plan in place gives your loved ones the peace of mind and the confidence that they are arranging the appropriate services and following your wishes and instructions.

  • Focus on Life - By working at your own pace and schedule, you can clearly reflect on your life, and accurately discuss and document how you would like to be remembered.

  • Cost Containment - Determining costs and pre-paying ahead of time keeps your family from making these difficult decisions for you after your death.

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