Plan Ahead : Why Plan Ahead?

Peace of Mind

Many who have undergone the emotional strain of arranging a funeral within hours of losing a loved one have made the choice to pre-plan their own funeral. Doing so lifts the burden from their loved ones by relieving decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress.

Personal Choice

Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. And we assure you and your family that the choices you make will be carried out as planned.

Preplanning with Fukui Mortuary, Inc.

Preplanning final arrangements assures that one's wishes are followed and decisions are not imposed on those in grief. Often times, information is needed that only you know. Preplanning gets this information recorded before it is lost. We have found that families appreciate the thoughtful consideration of a loved one who puts wishes in writing.

When preplanning is combined with funding with Fukui Mortuary, be assured that the final expenses will not burden your family. It is something you can do that will provide peace of mind to your family at the time when they should be together and not have the added concern of finances. Preplanning provides the added benefit of securing funeral expenses at today's cost.

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