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Dear Mr. Lomison,



My name is Shannon Rocker.  I am the niece of Ruth Thomas, who Forest Park recently held funeral services for.  I am writing you to thank you and your staff for the “WONDERFUL” services we received from Forest Park Funeral Home. 


We wanted to give a special thanks to Heidi Hickman and her staff.  My aunt’s death was very unexpected and difficult for our family.  From the very beginning Heidi treated us just like”FAMILY” and we are very grateful for her.  She made this very difficult situation bearable.  Once my aunt was put into her hands we were relieved and at ease.


My aunt was absolutely beautiful.  Her clothes, hair and makeup were all “PERFECT”.  The facilities were well kept, comfortable and refreshments were a nice touch.  Whoever thought we would have been “WOWED” by a funeral service.


Heidi was precise with everything that she did.  My aunt was a chef and Heidi used that as the theme for her services.  I personally have attended many funeral services and I can honestly say that I have never attended a service so well put together.


I wanted you to know how much Heidi and her team meant to us. I can honestly say, without Heidi we wouldn’t have been able to give my aunt such a lovely homegoing service.  I know that God placed Heidi in our path to comfort us.  Throughout the whole process she continuously assured us that everything would be fine.


I have never met someone at a business that appeared to care so much about their customers.  Forest Park you all really have a “GEM” in your possession.   Just imagine the impact your company could have on other families with more people like Heidi. Please accept this formal letter of thankfulness on behalf of the Williams and Duncan family.






Shannon M Rocker

Shannon M. Rocker

Kevin Hurd handled both my daughters and my husband's funerals. He was very helpful and full of compassion to all of our family during this most difficult time. The ENTIRE STAFF went out of the way to make us feel comfortable.

Judy Etheridge

We want to thank you for the excellent job you did for our family during our time of sorrow.  From the early morning call through our initial meeting to the visitation and church service you and your staff were courteous, respectful, helpful and professional in every way possible.  We would also like to point out the excellent job that your cosmetologist & hairdresser did for Janis.  We cannot thank you enough for the warmth, support, attention and advise and participation in the funeral.  All of the arrangements and decisions we made were excellent due to your assistance.

The Janis Richardson Family

To the Staff of Forest Park Funeral Home

Thank you for supporting and guiding us through our family's loss and acknowledging my dad with the planting of a tree in his memory---He would have liked that.

Donna Hands & Family

Thank you Kevin and Heidi with my mom's service!  You all went the extra mile with kindness~

Love Deborah Martin

The Martin Family

To the entire Forest Park Funeral Home Staff,

Thank you for your special and wonderful service for the Juanita Braswell Family in her recent death.   May God bless each of you.


Chaplain Woody Janise

Hospice of Shreveport Bossier

To the Staff of Forest Park Funeral Home,

Thank you for supporting and guiding us through our family's loss and acknowledging my Dad with the planting of a tree in his memory~ He would have liked that.


Donna Hands & Family

The Family of Minor Vinck

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Gillespie Family

Gillespie Family

Dear Heidi,

Mother's service was beautiful.  Your attention to detail and your caring manner (including re-assurance when clear-thinking is difficult) is a testament to both your professionalism, and the kind person that you are.  The Hogan Family will be forever grateful for your assistance in our time of need.

Ken, Jeff, Marvin and the Hogan Family

The Hogan Family


Thank you so much for helping me and my family during the loss of our precious Mother.  You and your staff are a great team that truly cares.  From the planning of arrangements, services and closure you helped me make this difficult time bearable.  

Keep Smiling,


Coleman Family

Hello Heidi and Kevin and all the staff at Forest Park Funeral Home~

I am back in D.C. and Johnnie is back in Nashville, but we will not soon forget all of you, and how wonderful you all were to Johnnie and me during all the preparations for Mother's services.  I want to take some time to let you all know how very much Johnnie and I appreciated everything you did for us.  From the beginning, when I met Kevin and felt we were in caring hands, to when the time came to listen as the minister said final words at the cemetery, everyone was just amazing.  Johnnie and I would like to thank you all personally, and I wanted to especially note some of the memories that resonated most with me~

* Warren, thank you for following the proper protocols for holding the flowers as Kevin closed Mother's casket for the last time.
* Charlie, thank you for taking the extra time to bring me ice to go in my un-sweetened iced tea.
* Ola, thank you for your serene presence, ensuring all of us were transported safely to our destinations during the funeral.
* Emily, thank you for being there to greet guests as they arrived at the funeral home.
* Heidi, thank you for offering the beautiful and unexpected key chains with Mother's image inside to Johnnie and I, and for the many details you oversaw behind the scenes.
* Kevin, thank you for guiding our path to do what we needed to make the services so beautiful, your droll sense of humor, adfor making sure I was OK, when I had stepped outside to compose myself during the visitation.

There were others that I remember though I did not remember names- the gentleman that came out and let Johnnie and I know when Kevin was detained and made sure we were comfortable as we waited, the lady that put together the incredible and memorable DVD, and the music maker that ensured the right songs played at the right times.

You all made me feel Mother was treated with respect and honor, and blessed to go peacefully to her final rest.  Thank you all so much.

Sharon Johnson

The Johnson Family
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