Veterans Information

Military Funeral Honors:

John B. Brown Funeral Home can assist with the organization of military funeral honors, which will be accorded at the gravesite or at another location. This ceremony typically consists of folding and presentation of the United States flag, playing of Taps, and a riffle volley. The ceremony is often performed by a local VFW/American Legion funeral honor guard and at the family’s request MAY consist of at least two members of the Armed Forces.

Please Note: The Funeral Honors rendered for your loved one by their branch of service will be determined by the status of the veteran and may consist of Full Military Honors, a Seven Person Detail, or a Standard Honors Team Detail.


Who is eligible for Military Funeral Honors?

  • Military members on active duty or in the Selected Reserve
  • Former military members who served on active duty and departed under conditions other than dishonorable.
  • Former military members who completed at least one term of enlistment or period of initial obligated service in the Selected Reserve and departed under conditions other than dishonorable.
  • Former military members discharged from the Selected Reserve due to a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.

Veteran’s Benefits & Services:

Federal Burial Benefits: John B. Brown Funeral home can assist families of qualified Veterans who may be eligible for Burial Benefits through the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs via VA Form 21P-530.

 Eligibility Requirements Include:

  • The Veteran died because of a service-related disability
  • The Veteran was receiving VA pension or compensation at the time of death
  • The Veteran was entitled to receive VA pension or compensation, but decided not to reduce his/her military retirement or disability pay
  • The Veteran died while hospitalized by VA, or while receiving care under VA contract at a non-VA facility
  • The Veteran died while traveling under proper authorization and at VA expense to or from a specified place for the purpose of examination, treatment, or care
  • The Veteran had an original or reopened claim pending at the time of death and has been found entitled to compensation or pension from a date prior to the date or death
  • The Veteran died on or after October 9, 1996, while a patient at a VA-approved state nursing home.

For more information about Federal VA Benefits visit: https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/claims-special-burial.asp


Application for U.S. Flag:

With a provided copy of the Veteran’s Discharge Paperwork (DD-214), generally, veterans with an honorable discharge are eligible for a burial flag. John B. Brown Funeral Home can assist families with the application process and the presentation of the U.S. Flag to the next-of-kin during the funeral ceremony.


Military Issued Monuments:

Any deceased Veteran who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable or who dies while on active duty may be eligible.  If eligible, the monument will be issued at no cost to the veteran’s family. The family may be responsible for any cemetery or monument company installation fees, which will vary based on the cemetery or monument company.

John B. Brown Funeral Home can assist with the application process, obtaining of necessary signatures, and contracting with a monument company of the family’s choice, if needed.

Please Note: for Veterans who died before November 1, 1990 monuments will only be furnished for an UNMARKED GRAVE of any eligible deceased Veteran.

For more information visit, https://www.va.gov/burials-memorials/memorial-items/headstones-markers-medallions


National Cemeteries:

When a Veteran, service member, or family member qualifies for burial in a VA National Cemetery, they may receive certain burial benefits at no cost to their family.  John B. Brown Funeral Home can assist with determining eligibility and transporting your loved one to the appropriate cemetery as instructed.

For more information and a full listing of eligibility requirements visit, https://www.va.gov/burials-memorials/eligibility

Please Note: for burial eligibility in Arlington National Cemetery, please work with a funeral director to contact Arlington National Cemetery for more information.


County Veteran’s Benefits:

John B. Brown Funeral Home can assist families with applying for burial and monument death benefits through the Huntingdon County Veterans Affairs Office.  If your loved one was a legal resident of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania at the time of his/her death, and a war era Veteran or the spouse of a deceased war era Veteran, a county burial/monument allowance may be available. A completed application, along with the Veteran’s discharge paperwork (DD-214), a copy of the Veteran’s and/or spouse’s death certificate, and a copy of the funeral bill must be submitted to the VA office within one year from the date of death. (We can also assist the next-of-kin or personal representative with application for county benefits in other counties of Pennsylvania where the deceased Veteran/spouse was a legal resident).   

Available Huntingdon County benefits may consist of:

  1. Veteran’s Burial Allowance
  2. Purchase of Private Headstone Allowance OR Lettering of Existing Headstone Allowance
  3. Installation of Military Marker Allowance
  4. Spouse of a Deceased Veteran Allowance

For more information about Huntingdon County Veteran’s Benefits visit:



Pennsylvania Death Certificates:

For members of the U.S. Armed Forces a fee waiver request may be submitted by the John B. Brown Funeral Home to the Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records. The fee for certified death certificates can be waived if the applicant is requesting death certificates for persons who died in active duty, was honorably discharged, OR is the spouse of an honorably discharged veteran.