Traditional Casketed Burial Services 

Traditional casketed burial, or often referred to as interment, can either be in-ground earth burial or above-ground (entombment) in a mausoleum crypt or tomb. Burial at sea, although less common, is also a manner of burial, where applicable.

When selecting burial, the decision on the type of services, if any, must also be made.

~ A traditional funeral service, when the body is present, whether public or private, usually follows a traditional pattern that can include a viewing or visitation, funeral service or other ceremony, and committal service. Services are often held at the funeral home chapel, church or place or worship, or various other locations.

~ A graveside ceremony or committal only service is held at the cemetery or place of interment, and is normally in lieu of having any other services at the funeral home or church.

~ Immediate burial is a form of direct disposition which occurs within a specified time period and may or may not involve any services.

~ A memorial service is a service held when the body is not present. A memorial service can be held at various locations, and can take place either before or after the burial of the casket.