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Hoisington: (620) 653-4165


Gordon R. Brantley, Bill Nicholson, and Ted Ricke purchased the Cook and Weber Funeral Home from Earl Bram in August 1975. Brantley was manager of the firm with Nicholson and Ricke being silent partners. Brantley was joined a year later by long-time Great Bend funeral director, Larry Bryant, and the funeral home became Brantley-Bryant Funeral Home. Brantley sold his interest in the firm to Nicholson and Ricke in 1983. The funeral home then became Bryant-Christians Funeral Home, with Larry Bryant and Alan Christians operating the firm. In 2000, when Alan Christians moved to Lindsborg, the name was changed to Bryant Funeral Home, and Michael Nicholson, Bill’s son, took an active part in the business interests. Bryant Funeral Home currently employs four full-time funeral directors and embalmers, Michael Nicholson, Chad Jerke, Larry Klusener, and Dale Dawson.