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Questions and Answers

Is it necessary to have public viewing?

It is not necessary, but it can be very helpful to family and friends to have viewing. It is a chance to visit, recognize that death has occurred, and let friends express their feelings. It is also possible to have visitation with a closed casket. Some families choose to keep viewing private.

What is a burial vault and do I need one?

A burial vault is an outside container which is placed in the ground and encases the casket. It is composed of concrete and can have different kinds of liners such as fiberglass or metal which makes them more resistant to the elements. There is no law that requires the use of a burial vault, but most cemeteries in the area require their use for maintenance purposes. Unlined concrete containers start at $1050.00 and the first lined burial vault starts at $1,275.00.

May I be buried with my pet or personal objects?

It is possible to put many items in the casket with someone or in with a person before cremation. Cremated remains of pets may be put inside the casket.

What needs to be done with Social Security?

The funeral home sends an affidavit to Social Security notifying them of the death of an individual. There is a $255.00 one-time death benefit to a surviving spouse to those who qualify. In most instances, it is wise for a family member to call Social Security to determine if additional information is required as well as what the future benefits will be for a surviving spouse. Or for more information, please visit www.ssa.gov.

Are there any benefits available through the Veterans' Administration?

The Veterans' Administration will supply a cemetery marker (granite, marble, or bronze) to all veterans. They will also furnish through the funeral home a flag that can be used to drape the casket of a veteran or be tri-folded and be displayed during the funeral services. The flag is presented to the family once the services are completed. If a veteran dies in a VA hospital or is receiving a service-related disability pension, there may be some financial assistance available. For more information, please visit www.va.gov.

What should we do if someone dies unexpectedly while traveling away from home?

In most instances, simply by calling us at (603) 526-6442, we will be able to make all of the necessary arrangements to have the deceased returned home or to have cremation take place where death occurs. If traveling in many foreign countries, these arrangements must be made through the American Consulate in that country.

Can you help if I would just like to make simple cremation services?

At Chadwick Funeral Service, we can assist you with any type of service you desire, including direct cremation. We will prepare the necessary certificates and permits and offer only as much or as little assistance as you may desire in arranging a memorial service.

How much do caskets cost? We have caskets ranging from $650.00 to $15000.00.

Most of our caskets are manufactured by Florence Casket Company and Matthews Casket Company. We also carry caskets that have been specifically designed for cremation services; these begin at $500.00. For a complete price list, please contact us at (603) 526-6442.

Who writes the obituary and submits it to the newspaper?

This is a matter of personal choice, but in most cases, the family supplies the necessary biographical information to the funeral director while making arrangements. The funeral home then sends this information to the appropriate newspapers. Each newspaper has their own format, so the identical information sent to all papers may appear differently in each paper. We also place our obituaries online (with service information, floral and charity information, and a Guest Book that may be signed); these are available through our Online Obituaries page.

Can you help us obtain a cemetery monument?

We work closely with two of the local monument companies and will gladly help you in purchasing a new monument or the addition of information to an existing one.


We have tried to answer some of the more common questions that we receive, but we understand that you may need more information or may have additional questions. We encourage you to contact us at (603) 526-6442 or contact us via email at [email protected]

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