Pet Cremations

For you beloved other family member...

At Western Tidewater Pet Crematory, we understand your pet is...

A faithful friend.
A ready companion.
A trusted confidant.

That's why we offer professional, individual cremation service. We only work with one pet family at a time and, therefore, cremate your pet individually and not with other pets. 

• All cremations will be private.
• Pet’s ashes will be placed in a complimentary wooden urn with an engraved plate with the pet name and dates. 
• A Certificate of Cremation provided.
• Fees for pet cremation services are based on the weight of the animal.

Private Cremation Fees

• Under 15 pounds - $130.00
• 16 to 45 pounds - $160.00
• 46 to 70 pounds - $190.00
• 71 to 90 pounds - $220.00
• 91 to 150 pounds - $250.00
• 151 to 300 pounds - $280.00


A very nice carved complimentary wooden urn is provided; however, we have other urns available to view at our facility.

Pickup and Delivery

Western Tidewater Pet Crematory will pick up your pet from your home, veterinary clinic or you may bring your pet directly to our facility. We will pick up your pet within a 25 mile radius for $30. You may pick up your pet’s cremated remains or we will also deliver the remains to you, either to your home or your veterinarian’s office. If you choose to have your pet’s cremated remains returned to your veterinarian’s office, we will notify you that they have been delivered. Removal or receiving fee after 5 pm on weekdays and on Saturday and Sunday will be $30 to $50.


We suggest that families make plans for the care of your pet before losing your pet, as it is simply a less stressful time to make these decisions. Pre-arrangements for your pet are available, just as with any family member, to ensure your pet will be taken care of the way you desire when pet loss occurs. You may reach us anytime at 757-562-4144 to set an appointment.