Military & Veteran Services

They served our country and often made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom and way of life. We understand the special needs of a veteran's family. Whether it is a simple family funeral or a full military service, we would like the opportunity to serve you and our country by honoring your loved one.

A military funeral can take place at a private cemetery, a state veteran's cemetery, or a cemetery that is part of the Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration.

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Veterans flag

Veteran's Benefits
Westgor Funeral Homes are proud to honor our U.S. Military Veterans who have served us during both war and peace times.

Veterans from all military branches qualify for a military funeral, regardless of rank, whether or not they died in combat. They could have been active duty, Reserves, National Guard, retired, or a veteran of military service. 

For soldiers who die while on active duty, families may request both a burial and an interment allowance to assist with the cost of the funeral arrangements. For soldiers who die in a non-service related death, partial reimbursements may apply.

For more information, Contact Us to have one of our caring professionals help guide you through this process or you may contact the United States Department of Veteran Affairs or go to

General information is provided below for your convenience:

Military Discharge Papers
We ask for a copy of the Veteran's discharge papers, also known as a DD214, to assist us in applying for a burial flag. As a way to show the Nation's deep gratitude to those who have faithfully defended our country, the U.S. Government provides an American Flag. The flag is cotton and measures 5' wide x 9 1/2' long. We will process the application for the flag and ensure its availability for services. The flag may be draped on top of the casket or displayed folded on an easel for display at the visitation, funeral service or memorial service.

Military Honors
Your funeral director will coordinate all military rites as requested by the family. This includes coordinating with the Neenah/Menasha Veterans Honor Guard, or your love one's Post, to provide the displaying of the Colors, rifle salute and performance of taps. There will also be active duty members of the military branch in which your loved one has served to fold and present the flag to the veteran's family at the cemetery or following a church service.

iStock_000014655957SmallBurial Benefits
Burial benefits are usually available to U.S. Veterans who have been receiving disability benefits as a direct result of the veteran's service or for a veteran who dies in a V.A. Hospital or nursing home. The family will need to contact veterans' services at 1-800-827-1000 and prepare the application, if the family is eligible. There is usually a 2 to 12 month turnaround from the government.


Veteran's Headstones and Markers
A veteran's marker is provided free-of-charge by the U.S. Government when the veteran is interred in a cemetery. (Each cemetery has installation policies on the type of markers they accept and whether or not there is an installation fee.) The family will need to contact the local veteran benefit office at 920-729-4820 to make an appointment and begin the application process.

Burial in a Veterans' National Cemetery
Burial benefits available include a grave-site in any of the 130 national cemeteries with available space. The government acquires the financial responsibility for opening and closing of the grave and perpetual care.

Presidential Memorial Certificates
Presidential Memorial Certificates are engraved paper certificates from the White House signed by our current U.S. President to honor the memory of an honorably-discharged deceased veteran. We are able to coordinate the processing of these certificates which will be mailed to the next-of-kin. There is usually a 2-month turnaround from the government.

Veterans Life Insurance
Some veterans purchased V.A. Life Insurance when they were discharged from the military. We are able to contact the V.A. Life Insurance Group at 1-800-669-8477, inquire if there is a policy, complete the claim form and process the claim on behalf of the beneficiary. There is usually a short turnaround from the government on the payment of the death benefit.