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Memorable Funeral Services

Baca's Funeral Chapels strive to provide personalized and meaningful services to meet the personal desires of the families we serve. We help hundreds of families every year, and each service is different, because each life that was lived is unique. We know that the details can be overwhelming at the time of loss, so our staff will help guide families through the various options they have. Together we will create a memorable service that has true meaning.

Place of Service - One of the first choices a family will make is where they would like to have the service take place:

Church Service - Many families have a church home and would prefer to have a religious service take place in the familiar surroundings of their church or synagogue. Our staff will work with the ministers, priests, or Rabbi's to coordinate service times and various other aspects of the service.

Funeral Home - Each of our chapels are equipped to provide meaningful services to each of the families we serve. The funeral homes can accommodate the most formal of services,but also provide space for very informal gatherings and celebration of life services.

Graveside Service - Some families find that a simple service at the graveside would be the most meaningful option.

Other Meaningful Service Locations - We have services in a variety of settings that meet the needs of the families we serve. These include retirement centers, community centers,country clubs,public parks, private homes and many other locations.

Tools to Personalize- After choosing where and when a service or gathering would take place, Baca's Funeral Chapels incorporates technology to personalize many aspects of the service.

Memory Boards and Tables - Memory boards and tables have become a common way to personalize a funeral service. Photographs and other memorabilia can be displayed at the visitation and service. These items are often cherished and stimulate positive memories regarding the deceased. In this way, they also lend comfort to those left behind. Memory table space is provided to display items of significance. If someone had a hobby or was involved in the arts, crafts or photography we encourage families to bring examples of some of their work to be displayed.

Personalized Memorial FoldersMemorial folders have traditionally been used at memorial or funeral services. By personalizing the memorial folder with photos, verses or special sayings, the memorial folder becomes a keepsake for those who want to preserve cherished memories of someone special. We offer design assistance in-house at a significant savings relative to sending them out to be produced professionally.

Musical Selections- Music can be a wonderful way to evoke emotion and set the tone of the service or gathering. Our staff can coordinate with musicians at a church, our own in-house musicians,or contact professional musicians in our community. We also have the ability to play pre-recorded music on CD's or Ipod's. You can highlight a song or two for the service, or build a soundtrack to play at a visitation or memorial gathering. We own a large library of music that we offer to the families we serve.

Video Tributes - A video tribute contains photographs, video clips and a custom soundtrack all directed towards celebrating memorable and meaningful times during a life lived.We have equipped our funeral homes to play the video tribute at the time of visitation, gathering and/or service. Powerful when incorporated into the funeral service, a video tribute also preserves memories for a longtime to come. Reaction received from families utilizing this service suggests that the video tribute will be considered a family treasure. If you are interested in incorporating a video tribute into the funeral service, it is advisable to select the pictures ahead of time so that they can be brought to the arrangement conference. A video tribute instruction sheet can be found on our Creating Meaningful Memorialization page.

Memory Boxes - Simple items such as a memory box can be used to rekindle and preserve favorite memories.For example, family and friends may write a note to say goodbye in their own way or alternatively place items special to them in the memory box. The memory box is placed in the burial or cremation casket with their loved one. We've often seen young people find meaning in decorating the box so that not only the items inside but also the decoration outside lend personalization.

Participation In The Service - We encourage participation in the service by family members and friends whenever possible. Not everyone is comfortable speaking before a group of family and friends, but stories can be written down and read.Consider incorporating eulogists into the funeral service. Often close friends or family know the deceased better than the presiding clergy and as such can better reflect on the life of the deceased in a more personal way.