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Important documents

The following documents may be helpful to you in funeral preparation:

The Death Certificate Worksheet can be filled out to provide Hultgren Funeral Home with most of the information needed for the death certificate. It also gives you helpful information about preparing for a viewing, completing an obituary, guidance on clothing, timing of a visitation and a service, and Hultgren Funeral Home's embalming policy.

The Newspaper Worksheet is a template for writing an obituary. Use it as a guide for what information to include and order for the obituary to unfold. Feel free to visit the obituary section of this web site for more examples of obituaries.

The Release Authorization can be completed by you and handed to a hospital or nursing home staff member to give your permission for Hultgren Funeral Home to pick up your loved one from the place of death and to bring them into our care. Many facilities will not allow the funeral home to move forward without this document.

The Public Aid Reimbursement Form can be filled out by you and sent in to the Illinois Department of Human Services for a reimbursement of funeral expenses paid to the funeral home. Reimbursement amounts can be found on the form itself or at the IDHS web site here. This form can also be found on the IDHS web site here.

Trisons Crematory in Lombard, IL has been working with Hultgren Funeral Home for many years and will not perform a cremation without their authorization form completed, intialled and signed. The authorization can be downloaded here.

It may be helpful for you to have a chance to familiarize yourself with some of the caskets that we offer. You can see many of the caskets and ways that some of them can be customized and other helpful information about caskets. To download this casket information document click here.

The Survivor Checklist is a useful tool with some of the next steps important to take after a death has occurred. Not everything in the list will apply to everyone, but some of it does.

"Why We Need Death Certificates" is a document that helps survivors to calculate how many death certificates they might need after a death has occured.

"VA Marker Inscriptions" is a document that displays some of the marker emblems and logos that can be placed on a Veteran's marker, as well as some of the inscriptions that are given by the VA as examples of text that can be displayed for the Veteran on the marker.

The Social Security Administration has provided this document to answer questions about how Social Security is handled after a death and can be accessed by clicking here.

Sample verses can be browsed in order to help select a verse for printed items like memorial folders, register books and prayer cards. Access the sample verses by clicking here.