Choosing Cremation

Honoring and Remembering

Honor and Remember

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The choice of cremation means you have a number of possibilities when you are considering which cremation urn and other keepsakes you might select.


There are no right or wrong choices, but you will want to consider whether you will wish to provide a place for family and friends to visit for generations to come. Consider whether you wish to:

  • Bury the urn in a cemetery
  • Inter the urn in a columbarium or niche
  • Take the urn home to create a special commemorative display on a shelf or mantle
  • Share the cremated remains with close family members, such as siblings
  • Scatter the cremated remains on land or at sea

If you choose to scatter the cremated remains, you may wish to keep a portion in a keepsake or small urn, as scattering is a permanent choice. Many urns and keepsakes can be personalized.

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have and for assistance in choosing a cremation urn.