The Benefits of Pre-Planning

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Peace of Mind 

Many who have undergone the emotional strain of arranging a funeral within hours of losing a loved one have made the choice to prearrange their own funeral. Doing so lifts the burden from their loved ones by relieving decision-making pressure at a time of often overwhelming grief and emotional stress.  We are able to keep a copy of your wishes in our file and present them to your family at the time of need.

Personal Choice

Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Preplanning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. Whether you simply have your wishes in writing or follow up by prepaying for your funeral estimate, you have given a true gift to your family and given yourself peace of mind.


Paying in advance for Your Funeral is a personal choice as well.  If you are interested in learning more, contact us at any time and we would be happy to explain your options.  Please note that the funeral home is not allowed to accept payment before services are rendered, therefore, there are funding vehicles such as life insurance policies that can be used to fund your funeral in advance.  You also have the option of Irrevocably Assigning the funding vehicle you choose to the funeral home to protect that money from being included as a liquid asset should you have the need for Medical Assistance in the future.

For more information Contact Us to ask for a free copy of our Individual Estate Record to be mailed to you or complete the Online Preplanning Form.  Any part of the Individual Estate Record can be copied and kept on file for you at the funeral home and you may keep the original for your family to reference.  We would also be happy to mail or email you a copy of your Online Preplanning Form if you are unable to print out one for your reference.