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To be respectful of the privacy of those we serve in every aspect, names are not disclosed in our testimonials. All notes of gratitude are kept on file and can be viewed with the consent of the sender.

Feerick has a way of making a family feel that their funeral service is the only one that's being handled. Thank you Bill for making us feel special, attended to and cared for. You were made for this sensitive work.

I want to thank you and the gentlemen that worked with you for making Grace's funeral so wonderful. Everyone said that the funeral mass was so positive. They enjoyed the service and all the lovely touches. You helped streamline the process and explained what needed to be said and done and did it with such patience and kindness. Thank you for that, Bill...and for your sense of humor, which certainly got me through my mistakes and uncertainty . My father, Bill ......., used to laughingly use "Milwaukeeese" and would say "We take from Feericks!" You have been well respected for many years and I now know why. We will always "Sing your praises" and tell our friends, family and colleagues that you are definitely to be relied on to do the absolute best for anyone who needs your services. Thank you to you and your great staff.

You made a sad occasion so much easier, the way you took care of each detail, and the kindness and concern you showed toward us. Dad looked so nice and peaceful, the service was beautiful.

Things were carefully discussed and there was no pressure. It was such a positive experience.

Thank you Bill for the wonderful help and support through some difficult times. I know it's your job/profession, and you and your family have tremendous experience, so it's what you do. However it seems you went way beyond in so many ways and times. We are truly grateful for all you did to put together a service that made us all proud! One we were truly pleased with. Thanks especially for your patience with our many quirks and follies.

We so appreciated the pleasantness of the funeral director; there was no sense of being pushed into anything; taking care of details I would not have thought of; no sense of feeling “hurried along”.

I want to thank you Bill for your sensitive and caring professionalism. With your help, I was able to give John the funeral that I know he would have appreciated. This gives me a great deal of peace. Thank you again and your wonderful nurturing staff.

It is with complete gratitude that we thank you and your staff for the warmth, caring, dedication and professionalism that made certain that all the necessary details were discussed and that everything from the visitation, to the church service and finally to the burial itself went off seamlessly without a hitch. In particular, I wanted to thank you personally Bill. Clearly this is not a job, nor a career for you, but rather a ministry calling. The compassion and sensitivity that you bring acknowledges grieving people while still helping them carry through all of the arrangements and details. You help others think through everything that needs to be done at a time when it is difficult to think of anything more than the loved one they have just lost. Our deepest thanks for all you have done.

It was perfect! Feerick Funeral Home provided such a compassionate, serene atmosphere, every detail was attended to and I could feel the care and desire to make the funeral of my mother a special tribute. And the florist they use provided the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen.

From that first phone call, I was treated like royalty. The entire process of planning a funeral in five days I thought would be a nightmare. It was a pleasant and calming experience. Though it was to be closed coffin, they allowed my oldest sister and I to see him once again, because she never got to say goodbye. I thought it would be going into the basement to see him, but instead, the Feerick staff gave us a private showing room…That attention to detail, namely Bill Feerick was just outstanding…As if they knew my family…They treated the funeral like it was one of their family members.

We need to thank you and your staff for all the extra care, support, guidance and love shown our family at this time. Everything you did was top-notch and much appreciated. We are grateful for the respectful time we had to view dad with incoming family and a very handsome dad at the wake thanks to you. Having another viewing at the church worked out great. Most importantly, thank you for your impromptu touching talk at the end of the service.

You have performed so many wonderful deeds for our family that it’s almost impossible to adequately thank you. You have certainly raised the bar with respect to funerals. We will never forget the way in which you did everything, and we mean everything related to the funeral. We were so pleased with the obituary because with just the right words you were able to depict dad so beautifully.

It is a special gift to do one’s “job” as if it were a “calling”. You exhibited such dedication, respect, grace – and, yes, even appropriate welcomed humor throughout the entire process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service at mom’s passing.

We are very grateful for the care and concern shown by the director and the leadership he gave without being pushy. He took care of every detail with care, efficiency and speed.

I want to thank you for the sincere and gracious manner you treated my family during this difficult time. I felt you were proud of your family’s history helping others and your patience and attention to details made our part easier. I realize you may only be doing your job, but your attitude of a servant’s loving heart helped make the funeral experience more bearable.

We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate all of the hard work and attention to detail you devoted to making this a first class and unforgettable tribute to Dad. We will miss him enormously, however are comforted in knowing we gave him the best sendoff possible because he deserved it. We could not have accomplished any of this without you. For your expertise, for your professionalism, for just being you, we will be eternally grateful.

The entire funeral experience was amazing and everyone told me that things were done with such class. Everything I wanted and needed was there.

Completely satisfied-superior service. Made us feel completely at ease and assured that all would be taken care of…and it was.

From start to finish, the staff was outstanding. It was as if they were family. I really hadn’t expected such dedication and compassion. Everyone was very professional.

Its reputation for excellence is deserved (I’ve been acquainted with them for 70 years)!

Surpassed all our hopes. We can’t thank Pat enough for all he did for us, and for the very personal touches he brought to the service he provided. We recognize and greatly appreciate just what a blessing he was for us.

We truly appreciate your willingness to accommodate all that we asked for, sensitive encouragement to make the service the best one could, and great assistance and capability to make it a very high quality experience at a very difficult time for the family.

An experience I was not looking forward to, turned out to be wonderful from the first phone call, to the last prayer at the grave and even afterwards. These people are fantastic! All I want to say was the three words my father said to me: “Just call Feerick.”

Thank you for the beautiful services and planning for mother’s funeral. We have all received endless compliments on the flowers, how beautiful mother looked, the memorial cards and the service. Mother was certainly smiling down upon us.

On behalf of our entire family I want to thank you for the professional and personal way you handled my Mother's arrangements. You treated all of us as friends in your coordination and handling of all the arrangements in a smooth and professional manner. Thank you again Bill, I would certainly recommend your funeral home in a time of sorrow to anyone.

Let me express on behalf of my family our gratitude to Feerick for the professional and passionate service extended to us at our mother’s passing. I personally have derived great comfort in witnessing the care given to my mother. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Dear Rod, Thank you for all your work and support in the last couple of weeks for my Dad's funeral. Your solid, compassionate presence meant so much to us. Your calm, thoughtful manner with your touch of humor was and will always be remembered in dealing with our challenging family dynamics.

Bill, on behalf of my sisters and myself, we would like to thank you for the beautiful funeral you provided for our family. Your rendition of "For those I love, for those who love me" brought closure and joy to an otherwise sorrowful time. Personally I was happily blown away" by the professionalism of your entire staff in the handling of all the details. I received many compliments on the service. Truly you and your staff are gifted professionals. Kindly extend our gratitude to your staff, hairdresser, makeup artist and all the others involved in preparing our mother's service.

There are no words to express how much my family and I appreciated how lovely Brad's service was last week. Your compassion, kindness, and willingness to allow the service to be what it was are things for which I am deeply grateful. We needed the opportunity to say good-bye in exactly the environment you provided...both in your establishment and at the cemetery. Thank you for your involvement, for making us all feel welcomed, safe, and secure. Thank you for allowing us to take the time we needed to mourn the loss of Brad, for helping Jeff with the difficult details, for allowing those who wished to speak the ability to do so, and for making yourself so openly available to all of us. Bless you!

It is with sincere gratitude Bill that I am writing this letter of appreciation for how you assisted our family with mother's funeral arrangements. You and your entire staff were personable, professional and incredibly attentive to every detail. You were wonderful to work with and helped us through a very sorrowful event in our lives. Feerick Funeral Home's "family" approach was incredibly illustrated from your outstanding care and service from start to finish and beyond.