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The Value of a Funeral

We are entrusted with the care of our communities loved ones. We are supportive through many of life's most intimate moments and challenged to help understand and provide services of value and meaning to our families. We are there to see the tears, kind gestures and happy reflections. As funeral service providers we are employed in a very gratifying helping profession.

The value of the committal service
A committal service can be described in many ways. It can be described as the lowering of a casket or urn into the ground or the releasing of cremated remains at their final resting place. These practices are similarly valuable as they help families acknowledge the finality of death.

The value of the obituary
Obituaries act as a public record of a person's life and provide service information. They help inform the public of a person's passing as well as remind them of that person's contributions and character. They are often kept as keepsakes, help us to reflect upon the significance of others in our own lives and assist us to be more aware of our own mortality.

The value of the eulogy
Eulogies offer family and friends a collective glimpse of the life and character of the person who has died. The eulogy helps personalize the funeral by acknowledging the qualities of the person who died and affirms the significance their life had to those surviving.

The value of the visitation
The visitation is an informal gathering of family and friends that encourages mourners to acknowledge the reality of the death. It can also provide a peaceful mental image that assures survivors that illness and suffering has passed.

The Value of flowers, cards and gifts
Flowers, cards and gifts provide family and friends an opportunity to express their own feelings and share in the significance of the loss. They help survivors realize that they are not alone and provide them with valuable support.

The value of symbols in funeral ceremonies
Mourning clothes, angel pins, the release of a dove, items of remembrance, special music gifts and photographs help mourners to act or demonstrate their feelings when words are inadequate.

The value of the procession, pallbearer and active participant
By driving in procession, acting as a pallbearer, ushering or actively participating in the funeral, families allow friends and relatives to become involved and to contribute. These contributions acknowledge the right of the community to mourn and share in the loss.