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Why prearrange your funeral? Funeral pre-planning can bring you the comfort of knowing you have taken care of those you love. An investment of your time with a funeral planning specialist will…

Relieve those you love from the emotional burden of difficult decisions at a difficult time. When you make sound decisions in advance, without stress, you free your loved ones from this challenging responsibility, allowing them to concentrate on supporting each other, rather than being asked to make major decisions at a very emotional time.

Ensure your wishes are known and honored. Families often agonize over what you would have wanted or what is proper. By selecting your options in advance, there is no doubt. As your life changes, you can change your plans if you wish.

Take away the financial concerns. If you also choose to handle the funding of your funeral in advance, we have plans that will assure that your survivors will never have to pay additional funds for the services and merchandise you selected. In addition, your funeral funds are transferable to any funeral home in the event you decide to move.

You may be amazed at how good you feel when your wishes are on file with us. Knowing that these decisions have not been left for others to face will bring you peace of mind. There is no cost or obligation for meeting with our pre-planning specialists, who will make sure you receive all the information you need to decide what is right for you.