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Cremation & Green Burial

At Feerick Funeral Home we offer many different options when cremation is chosen. In fact, several options are available for those who prefer cremation, including immediate cremation of the body or a complete funeral, including viewing followed by burial. Cremation and burial are both defined as methods of caring for the body, and are just one part of a funeral.

Just like burial, cremation can occur after a funeral service where the casket is present at a place of worship or funeral chapel. When a casket is not present for the service, families often choose to have the urn present during a memorial service.

If a family does find value in having a casket present for the visitation and/or service we offer cremation caskets that can be purchased or the option of using a rental casket. As with burial, if the casket is present for a period of visitation, the casket may be open or closed, according to the preference of the survivors. After cremation, a public or private service may be arranged for the final placement of the cremated remains.

At Feerick Funeral Home we offer various non-traditional alternatives to burial. It is our commitment to help create a meaningful and personal ceremony of your choosing. We encourage you to discuss your preference and allow us to offer alternatives and suggestions that will fulfill your requests.

The Cremation Process

Cremation is the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat. This process usually takes about two to three hours and occurs in a special furnace known as a cremation chamber or retort. The remains are then processed into a finer substance and placed in a temporary container. Before the remains are returned to the family, they are usually transferred to an urn for permanent containment. It is important to note that from the very beginning of the cremation process to the final process of inurnment, the remains are clearly monitored, by licensed staff, through an identification process insuring the remains returned to you will be those of your loved one.

Green Burial, also known as Natural Burial, begins with a commitment to respect nature. Feerick Funeral Home uses Prairie Rest, a dedicated area of Forest Home Cemetery. In Prairie Rest, use of a biodegradable casket or burial shroud with a rigid container is required. Burial techniques make every effort to minimize impact on surrounding land and protect native plant diversity. Etching on granite boulders strategically placed on the prairie memorializes those who have passed away. An inscription artist records the name of the departed along with birth and death years. Wildflowers, trees and prairie grasses have been reintroduced to the area and all who choose final resting at Prairie Rest will enrich the vibrant growth of the habitat. Prairie Rest is a commitment to the land, keeping it as natural as possible, allowing nature to take its course with minimal intrusions.