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Remembrance Jewelry

Remembrance Jewelry

More and more of the families we serve are finding value in the lasting mementos that remind them of their loved one and the time they shared together. We offer a wide range of remembrance jewelry for men and women. Our two most popular selections are Thumbies, and Cremation Keepsake Jewelry.

Thumbies are made from the unique finger prints of those we hold dear. From a two-dimensional ink or biometric scanned print, Meadow Hill's artisans create a three-dimensional cast. Polished and engraved, perhaps embellished with a stone or chain, these one of a kind keepsakes keep us coming back to the stories that connect us to the people we love.

What people are saying about Thumbies:
"When the clerk at the grocery store asks what I'm wearing, I tell her about my husband and how he is always close to my heart..."
"A touch like no other - that's my Thumbie. I feel the ridges and the stories just come... Happy ones, sad ones, memories of fun times, hopes and dreams for our children and grandchildren..."
"I laugh, I cry, I remember..."
You can view the catalog that consists of many types of jewelry, as well as money clips, cuff links, and dog-tags online at or stop by the funeral home and pick up a brochure.

Keepsake Jewelry:
Designed to hold a small portion of cremated remains, keepsake jewelry is a unique and elegant way to hold a loved one close with a fashionable and lasting remembrance. Available in men’s and women’s styles, consider selecting a matching piece for family members to share a special and lasting bond.

You can pick up a catalog of the remembrance and keepsake jewelry we carry at the funeral home.