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We are here when you need us. When someone passes away there are several decisions to be made. Funeral and cremation arrangements can be relatively simple or very elaborate.

At the time of death, decisions will have to be made about where to take the family member. Almost always that is to a local funeral home. Arrangements can also be made to send the deceased to another state. We are your information source for all of your questions. We will be with you and guide you through every step along the way.

Usually, the first time we speak with you will be by phone to obtain the legally necessary information. We will then set up an appointment with you to gather other needed information. At that time you and your family will be able to express your wishes and the type of services you prefer.

Other options are available and can be combined to be personalized and suit your family's specific needs.Services can range from a traditional chapel or church service to a traditional cremation or a direct cremation. Your options are unlimited and can be arranged to fit your religious and financial needs.

Please feel free to contact us for prices and options available. 770-961-2828.

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