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Because many people are unfamiliar with funeral arrangements and traditions, we have compiled below a list of the questions most frequently asked of us. We hope that you find these answers informative; we are committed to providing you with accurate and honest information to help you make the necessary decisions regarding funeral arrangements.

• What is the purpose of a funeral?
For thousands of years, funerals have allowed survivors to express their feelings about the death of someone they love. According to noted grief educator Alan Wolfelt, the funeral ceremony helps mourners:

  • Acknowledge someone has died
  • Say good-bye
  • Remember the person who died and encourages us to share those memories with others
  • Affirm the worth of their relationship with the person who died
  • Provide a social support system
  • Search for the meaning of life and death
  • Offer continuity and hope for the living
Meaningful funeral ceremonies are rites of passage that help survivors accept a life without the person who died. The rituals provide comfort in their predictability when events seem chaotic and out of control. The funeral is a socially-recognized forum for expressing intense grief. Without a funeral ceremony, mourners often miss the sense of closure.

• Why have a public viewing?
Viewing is part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Many grief specialists report that viewing aids the grief process by helping the bereaved recognize the reality of death.

• What will make the loss of a loved one easier?
Sharing your grief with friends and family members. The best way to begin the healing process is with a meaningful funeral, where you experience the support of others who also share your loss. Participating in the funeral as fully as possible by planning a service that is personal and reflects your loved one's life as well as sharing memories will help you feel that you celebrated your loved one's life and ease your grief.

• Where may I receive additional information concerning grief recovery?
Our funeral home assumes a leadership role in providing material to those wishing information on grief resolution. Call us, we can help.

• How can I create a unique and meaningful service?
We understand the importance of personalization and have created a variety of unique ways to add special personal touches to the service and visitation. The options available for personalization of services are virtually limitless, and we will be happy to help you create services that truly reflect the life of your loved one.

• Can you help us with sending memorials to the funeral?
For floral and other tributes, we offer a full range of services and products. Please contact us for more information.

• What is the purpose of a vault?
Outer burial containers enclose the casket and support the weight of the earth. Many are also designed to prevent water from entering the casket. Although no law requires that a burial vault be used, some cemeteries may require some kind of outer enclosure.

• What should I do if death occurs away from home?
If the death occurs out of state, you should call Rivet Funeral Home immediately at (603) 424-5530. We can coordinate with local funeral directors at the place of death. As a member of several professional organizations, we can help you.

We understand that you may have additional questions; we encourage you to contact us should you like more information regarding our services. We may be reached directly at (603) 424-5530 or through our information request form.