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DEATH CERTIFICATES The State of Florida requires at the time of someone's death, the attending physician completes a death certificate providing the manner and cause of death. In case of an accident, the district medical examiner will conplete the death certificate. The funeral home will include vital statistical information on the death certificate which is provided by the family. Once completed, the document is filed with the health department in the county of death. Certified copies of the original document can be obtained through the funeral home or the department of vital statistics. The health department in Polk County charges $10.00 for each copy. Certified copies of the death certificate may be required for the following: Wills, Veteran Administration, Social Security, Insurance Policies, Retirement of Pension Plans, Real Estate, Bank Accounts or Automobile Title Transfers.

INSURANCE POLICIES Bring life insurance policies with you to the funeral home. We will provide all claim forms and assist in filing with the insurance companies. You will need a death certificate for each life insurance company . ALL POLICIES, even those that have lapsed should be checked for any existing extended coverage. Policies will need to be checked to determine current beneficiaries.

SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS The funeral home will notify the Social Security Administration of the person's death. Social Security claims should be made in a timely fashion. The following benefits may be available: 1. Lump sum death payment to the surviving spouse or minor or disabled children. 2. Life pension to the surviving spouse over 60. 3. Pension to the surviving spouse with dependent children. 4. Pension to minor children of the deceased. If there is no widow or children, pension may be payable to a surviving dependent parent. If a widow 60 to 64 years old is receiving disability payments based on their own earning, it may be possible to secure benefits based on the earnings of the deceased. You may contact Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213.

RETIREMENT INVESTMENTS Stocks or Bonds in the deceased's sole name may require probate action. Investments owned jointly may be transferred to the surviving owner by presentation of the certified copy of the death certificate to each company in which the investment is jointly owned. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) At death, any amount in an IRA account will be paid to the beneficiary. Your attorney, insurance agent, banker or broker will answer specific questions you may have.

VETERAN BENEFITS Honoring those who served allows a grateful nation to pay final tribute to veterans who, in times of war and peace, stood strong in defense of our Country. The Military Honors Program provides eligible deceased veterans an American flag which may be displayed or draped on the casket, a ceremonial honor guard with taps and if eligible, a firing team. The funeral home will assist families with these and a number of other benefits which may include: 1. A Pension for the widow and minor children. 2. Possible reimbursement of a part of the funeral expenses. 3. Burial in a National Cemetery. 4. Burial Flag and Grave Marker. 5. Cemetery plot allowance. The family should provide the funeral home with a copy of the veteran's discharge papers (DD-214)