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We at Marion Nelson Funeral Home provide a wide and varied selection of merchandise to meet the needs of all families we serve. Often the funeral service involves the family receiving friends for a visitation and ceremony with a burial at a local cemetery. For families who prefer cremation as a final disposition, a cremation urn is generally selected. With all these services the selection of just the right merchandise is vitally important to creating a meaningful remembrance service.


Caskets are selected when families request a visitation and/or ceremony. Caskets come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Generally caskets are made of two types of materials, hardwood or metal. We offer each in an affordable price range for all families.


We also provide a wide variety of outer burial containers. Some people refer to them as burial vaults. When families select a service in which a burial will take place, an outer burial container is generally required. This is not required by state law, although most cemeteries have a requirement that at least a concrete box or graveliner be used for the burial. This provides for withstanding of the weight and pressure of the earth above and surrounding the grave. We offer a wide variety of burial containers in an affordable price for all families.


Urns are generally purchased in conjunction with the selection of cremation services. Urns are not required but are often selected to provide a safe and permanent container for the cremated remains. We offer a wide variety of quality urns to choose from in various materials and affordable price ranges for all families.


We also provide a wide variety of monuments and markers for permanently marking your loved ones grave. When families select a service in which a burial will take place, a permanent marker is generally selected, but not required.