Video Tribute Guidelines

Video Tribute Options and Pricing

 A Video Tribute is included with a Traditional Funeral Service and will be played at the Visitation.  (No additional charge.)

A Video Tribute is included with a Graveside Funeral Service if a Visitation is planned, and will be played at the Visitation.  (No additional charge.)

For any other type of service, or in the event that there will be no services, the costs shown at the bottom of this page apply.  In addition, we will gladly produce a video tribute for your family in the event that the funeral home that provided the funeral services does not offer this type of tribute.


Minimum # of Pictures:     5

Maximum # of Pictures:  54


With 30 or more pictures, video will be 9 minutes long.  With fewer than 30, the video will be 6 minutes long.

Note: The fewer pictures you have, the LONGER each picture will be displayed.  For a 6-minute video, we recommend 20 to 25 pictures to keep them from being displayed too briefly.


What can be included in a video tribute?

  1. Photographs.  Can be left in the frame if necessary.  (8x10 is the largest size we can scan, but larger pictures can be reduced to 8x10 if desired.)
  2. Digital Photos from a CD, diskette, memory stick, or via email.
  3. Poems, scripture, or any text the family desires - can be either typed or scanned as an image.
  4. Virtually anything that can be scanned into a digital format or put onto a computer in some format.
  5. Background music can be selected from a broad range of available instrumental music.  Or, we can play any music you wish on a separate CD player and mute the video's background music.


What can be done with these photos or images?


                        Basic Editing (Included in the cost of the tribute):

  1. Old photos can be touched up to fix signs of age, stains, tears, etc.
  2. Faded photos can be restored to near the original colors.
  3. Captions, quotes, names, dates, scripture or other text can be superimposed on top of the image.


Advanced Photo Restoration (Cost will be quoted at $20/hr.)

  1. Multiple photos can be combined into one.
  2. Severely damaged photos can be restored extensively.
  3. Backgrounds can be removed or changed to enhance the image.
  4. People can be cropped out (removed) from an image if necessary.




Option A                                                         $ 175.00

            5 to 29 pictures or images

            Includes 2 DVDs of the final video


Option B                                                         $ 225.00

            30 to 54 pictures or images

            Includes 2 DVDs of the final video


Additional DVDs: $ 20.00 each


View Your Tribute Online @


Hosting of the video on the internet for 30 days is included for viewing by family and friends.  If desired, you can be given a link to your tribute that only you know, so only those you give it to will be able to view the tribute.  (Otherwise it will be viewable by anyone who visits our website.)  Hosting can be renewed for 1 year after that for $ 29.00, or permanently for $ 79.00.

Plan Ahead