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Cook and Weber Era

A funeral procession leaves the Cook Funeral Home at Broadway and Kansas Avenue.

William C. Cook, who had established Cook Funeral Home in 1933 at 1416 Kansas Avenue, and Frank Weber, Ellinwood, bought J. Lester Cox’s funeral home when he decided to retire from the funeral business. The name was then changed to Cook and Weber Funeral Home.

R. Raymond “Ray” Cornett joined the firm in 1939, becoming a partner in 1944. Cook and Cornett ran the funeral home continuously for more than thirty years, until Cook died suddenly while attending a funeral director’s convention in Kansas City, March 21, 1972. Cook’s heirs and Cornett sold the funeral home in August 1972 to Earl Bram, who owned the firm three years. Cornett continued working for the new owner, and died February 18, 1974, while removing a body to the funeral home.