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Our Local Papers

Ogemaw County Herald - Publisher of the following newspapers serving our area. Both are weekly papers. Email: [email protected]

Oscoda County Herald
Phone: 989-826-5047
Fax: 989 826-3037

Ogemaw County Herald 
Phone: 800-772-3970
Fax: 989-345-5609

The following newspapers also service parts of our service area – both are weekly papers.

Montmorency County Tribune
Phone: 989-785-4214
Fax: 989-875-3118
Email: [email protected] 

Alcona County Review 
Phone: 989-724-6384
Fax: 989-724-6655 
Email: [email protected]T

he following are daily papers that service parts of our service area.

Bay City Times
Phone: 989-895-8551
Fax: 989-893-0649
Email: [email protected] 

Alpena News 
Phone: 800-448-0254 
Fax: 989-354-2096 
Email: [email protected] 

As a courtesy to residents of Oscoda County, The Bay City Times publishes free death notices on a daily basis. These can be found in the Data Bank area of the paper.

Local Interest
Area Information

The Chamber of Commerce for Oscoda County
Phone: 800-800-6133
 [email protected]

Oscoda County Memorial & Gravestone Cleaning

On site cleaning at the cemetery, reasonable rates

NFDA BBB Knights of Columbus
Michigan Embalmer's Society
Michigan Funeral Directors Association