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Social Security Benefits

Helpful information regarding Social Security Benefits after the death of a loved one.

United States Veterans Administration Benefits

Useful information for US Veterans and their spouses.

Funeral Related
Lansing State Journal Obituaries

The Lansing State Journal is your source for daily obituary information in the greater Lansing area.

Memorials / Charities
Network For Good

NETWORK FOR GOOD How does this site work? This is a website where you can give to your favorite charity/charities and have all your donation records stored and accessible at any time. Our website is safe and secure; we meet the BBB Wise Giving Alliance standards for for charity accountability. In fact, since inception more than 450,000 donors have contributed more than $160 million dollars using the Network for Good giving system! Why Network for Good? Because it's easier to donate online using our giving system than writing a check and putting it in the mail. Because your giving records are all in one place which makes your life easier at tax time and when you want to give again. Below is a sample of what your donation history looks like after you complete a donation. You can log on at any time to access this information. Because it's cost effective for your favorite charity/ies. Are there fees? There is a 4.75% tax-deductible fee for credit card/PayPal transactions, which you can add or deduct from your donation. This fee is used to pay banks, credit card companies and other administrative costs. Network for Good does not profit from fees. There is a $10 fee for online check transactions containing one donation and a $5 fee per donation for transactions containing multiple donations. The online check fees cover check vendor, banking and administrative costs, and Network for Good does not profit from them. Electing to contribute directly to a charity (through their own website) does not mean that you avoid paying processing fees; all charities incur fees with processing donations. Network for Good is explicit in explaining the fees and we give you the opportunity to cover them within the transaction. Even when you do not elect to cover the 4.75% processing fee, using our website still saves your favorite charity money because our processing fees are extremely low. Many charities have to pay more to credit card companies.

Michigan Funeral Directors Association

We are a proud member of the Michigan Funeral Directors Association.

National Funeral Directors Association

We are a proud member of the National Funeral Directors Association.

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