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Pre-Planning Survey

In order to continually improve the care you will receive at Maltbie Funeral Services we are asking for your assistance. We are conducting a survey to determine how members of our community plan for funerals

Thumbies keepsake items

Half art. Half science. The creative side of our production process ensures a skilled bench jeweler hand-finishes every piece, texturing, polishing, engraving, and affixing gemstones with care and passion for the deep meaning of each identity-centric keepsake. Polishing takes time to perfect—to learn the contours of each piece, to record in one’s muscle memory the required application of pressure, to guarantee symmetry when the piece hangs from the bail. Our artisans unite decades of combined experience to bend metal to the will of personal expression.

The science side of our production process enables, most importantly, a highly precise three-dimensional modeling of your loved one’s print. A lost-wax investing and casting process that uses vacuum technology and sensitively calibrated thermal readings makes sure we pour liquid silver or gold into your mold at the ideal temperature. And high-power microscopes allow our bench jewelers to find with their keen eyes any imperfections and fix them. Half science. Half art. 

Grief Support
Personal Interest
Satisfaction Survey

If you have used our services, we would love to have you fill out this anonymous, 20 question survey so we can measure our progress, identify areas that need attention, and strengthen the bond between us and the community.