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Preneed Worksheet

Click here to download our worksheet which includes all of the information you will have to provide to the funeral home. This form will need to be printed, completed and mailed to 130 E. Broad St., Souderton, PA  18964 or printed, completed, scanned and emailed back to us at [email protected] Upon receiving, a funeral director will phone/email you to verify the receiving of your worksheet. Worksheets submitted will be kept at the funeral home (in a file with your name) until it is needed in the future.

Cremation Authorization Form

Here is our cremation authorization form. This form is used to authorize a cremation of your loved one. Whether you are pre-planning for a future cremation or need an immediate cremation, this form would need to signed. Paramount right goes to the individual first so if you sign your own cremation form, you supersede everyone else.

Who can authorize a cremation?

The next-of-kin is normally considered the person responsible for authorizing a cremation. In some states, this is referred to as the “authorizing agent”. The legal next of kin are the spouse, parents, adult children, siblings, adult grandchildren, nephews or nieces, maternal grandparent, paternal grandparent, adult aunts or uncles, first cousins or any other adult relative in descending order of blood relationship.

If there is more than one legal next of kin, for example if a parent dies and it is left to several children to make the funeral arrangements, all the children must agree and sign the cremation authorization form.

Planning Ahead
Have the Talk of a Lifetime

A 3 minute long video helping people in the community understand the value of talking with loved ones about life, the things that matter the most to them and how they want to be remembered when they die. Informational video from Funeral & Memorial Information Council (FAMIC). Visit for more information.

Batesville Casket Company

The Batesville Casket Company's official website. We use this casket company for our family's casket selections. With The Living Memorial® Tree Planting Program, when a family purchases a Batesville casket, a tree is planted in our national forests and selected woodlands as a living memorial to the deceased. You can find comfort in helping the environment while honoring the lives of your loved ones. We are an authorized dealer.

Cremation Portraits

Having a cremation portrait made is a unique way to remember your loved ones with a lasting memorial through art. We are an authorized dealer.

Crescent Memorial

At Crescent, our mission is to help each and every family find peace and celebrate a life well lived. We do this by manufacturing and then providing high quality products and services through your local Funeral Home. Funeral homes across the USA and world depend on Crescent to help families celebrate and honor the life lived by their loved ones. We are an authorized dealer.

Forever In Glass

Hand Blown Glass cremation jewelry. We are an authorized dealer.

New Memorials Direct / Bailey & Bailey

Our cremation jewelry and accessories. We are an authorized dealer.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB serving Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania was chartered as a not-for-profit corporation in 1920 and is one of the oldest BBBs in the United States. The first BBB was founded in 1912. The BBB is a leader in public services related to ethical business practices and dispute resolution. It is our passion to promote honesty and integrity in the marketplace. We are committed to and guided by trust, respect and fairness. Our aim is to help make the local community a better place in which we can all live, work and prosper.

National Funeral Directors Association

NFDA's Mission Statement: The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is the worldwide resource and advocate across all facets of funeral service dedicated to high ethical standards and helping members provide meaningful service to families. As the leading funeral service organization in the United States, NFDA provides a national voice for the profession and is dedicated to serving the public. With more than 20,300 members, NFDA has been the premier organization chosen by top licensed funeral directors for more than 120 years. Licensed funeral directors, embalmers, mortuary science students and retired funeral service professionals are all eligible for NFDA membership. NFDA members stand for credibility, ethics, excellence and trust.

Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association

Organized in 1881, the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (PFDA) is the largest state funeral directors association in the nation, and a member of the National Funeral Directors Association. The Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (PFDA) exists to inform and educate the funeral director, the public and government about the value of funeral service and licensed funeral directors on a pre-need, at need and post-need basis.

US County Offices is the most accurate internet database of county government offices in the United States. Use our site to locate your county assessor, board of elections, chamber of commerce, child support offices, colleges, coroner, courts, and much more, with all relevant details.

Grief Support
EVC Counseling

Elizabeth V. Casey has a master's degree in counseling with 20+ years of experience. She is currently offering individual, couples, and family counseling for Grief & Loss. Please visit her website for additional information.

GROWW Grief Recovery

Welcome to GROWW, an independent haven for the bereaved developed by the bereaved - OUR PLACE. Here, on GROWW, you will find your partners in pain sharing their experience and strength. We have message boards, resource listings and secure chat rooms hosted by the most loving people on the internet for all who are grieving.

Local Hotels

A list of local hotels (located in the surrounding areas) near our facility. After you click the link, choose a local hotel (by area) by clicking the name of the area on the left side. NOTE: If you are from out-of-town and coming to one of our local hotels, let the hotel know you are staying in the hotel to attend a funeral the next day. Most hotels have a special "bereavement" discount to your hotel bill.

Local Interest
Bucks County Community Website

BUCKSCOUNTYALIVE.COM is one of the largest community websites serving Bucks County, PA, a beautiful region of dynamic downtowns and bucolic farms and forests. Bucks County is in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, bounded by the scenic Delaware River and Hunterdon County, NJ to the east and Philadelphia to the south. Bucks County has been named one of the top tourist destinations in the world, renowned for its covered bridges, arts and antiques, and friendly, welcoming residents.

Montgomery County Community Website

MONTGOMERYCOUNTYALIVE.COM is the largest community website serving Eastern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (PA). Montgomery is the third largest and second wealthiest county in PA. The county was formed in 1784. The land was originally part of Philadelphia County. Whether you live, work, play, vacation, or shop in Hatboro, Lansdale, Hatfield, Harleysville, Horsham, Skippack, Souderton or surrounding areas, check out our comprehensive directories to area businesses, restaurants, music venues, and much more. Looking for something to do? Our events calendar is always buzzing with thousands of events in and around Montgomery County! As you explore what our county has to offer, let be your guide.

Souderton-Telford Main Streets

Souderton and Telford consists of a community of dedicated business owners, government officials, property owners and residents who recognize the importance of working together. Consequently, they have come together to form the Souderton-Telford Main Streets program to give a structure to their cooperative revitalization efforts.

Funeral Related
Funeral Planning

Everything You Need to Know about Funerals, Funeral Homes and Grief Support

Cremation Related
Cremation Information

Online information about cremation and cremation services.

LifeGem Diamonds

LifeGem... The LifeGem ® is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life. Love. Life’s single greatest risk. Life’s single greatest reward. Love captures your heart in a second and holds it for eternity. You have experienced a love without equal. You have had someone truly special in your life and mere words simply will not do.

ASVAB Practice Test

Take advantage of's complete Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) practice tests to gain confidence for your military placement exam, Our practices tests are crafted in the style of the actual ASVAB, so you can get comfortable with the test's format, style and difficulty level.

Best Jobs for Returning Service Members

The days and months after a veteran leaves active duty service and starts searching for a civilian job are an important time. This is when a veteran can dip into that military experience to use it in search of a new job. With the right knowledge and understanding, as well as the myriad of resources available to today’s vets, you can put your military training to good use, overcome the obstacles associated with transitioning and start a career that is rewarding and financially beneficial. As long as you understand the challenges you face and how to mitigate them best, you will come out on top with the best possible civilian job.

Burial Benefits for Veteran's

Veteran Burial Benefits Military Funeral Honors The Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for providing military funeral honors. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration cemetery staff assist with military funeral honors at VA national cemeteries.

How to Plan for Life After Discharge: A GUIDE FOR NEW VETERANS

Transitioning from military life to civilian life is a huge adjustment. When you also need to adjust to life with a disability, you face even greater challenges. Planning ahead will help your move go more smoothly. Thankfully, you have a number of resources at your fingertips you can tap into to assist you in the days ahead. For this transition, you may feel like it sometimes, but you are never alone.

Military Funeral Honors

The rendering of Military Funeral Honors for an eligible veteran, free of charge, is mandated by law. An honor guard detail for the burial of an eligible veteran shall consist of not less than two members of the Armed Forces. One member of the detail shall be a representative of the parent Service of the deceased veteran. The honor detail will, at a minimum, perform a ceremony that includes the folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin and the playing of Taps. When available taps will be played by a bugler, however there are so few buglers available that the military services may choose to provide an electronic recording of taps. The veteran’s parent service representative will present the flag.

National Military Family Association

The National Military Family Association is at the forefront of the issues that matter most to military families. Whether it is writing letters in support of legislation, keeping track of bills in Congress, or providing testimony, if it affects military families, we are here. We remain constantly updated on the latest issues that affect the lives of military families and provide a voice for their concerns. We care about the quality of life for military families and the issues they are faced with every day.

Settling Down After Life in the Military

According to the Pew Research Center, 44 percent of the veterans who served after September 11, 2001, have found that the transition back to civilian life was very difficult. Emotional trauma suffered on the battlefield combined with the civilian skills that some veterans have lost over their time in service combine to create this challenge. For some, physical disabilities add to the challenges they will face.

Thankfully, as a veteran, you have a tenacity that will help you get through this transition and come out successful. All you need is the right guidance and a few tricks to help along the way. This guide is designed to be your go-to resource as you transition to daily civilian life. From driving and cooking to making major financial decisions, this has the resources, tips, and tricks you need to make these decisions effectively and confidently. So keep it handy as you navigate your new life as a civilian.

The Military Guide

The Military Guide is the straight shooters handbook for future, current, and former military service members.

It’s no doubt that service men and women face countless uncertainties at every stage of their military career. From those first timid steps into the recruiter’s office to walking proudly off base with your DD-214 as a newly minted Veteran, we’re here to help.

At the Military Guide, we’ve got your six.

Our Mission: It’s our mission to create informative and reliable resources for Veterans, Active Duty Service Members, Reservists, and anyone considering joining the Armed Forces.

Tips & Resources for Helping Veterans with PTSD

Included here are tips, tools and resources that can help friends and families of veterans who may be suffering from PTSD. Ideas range from offering assistance to veterans after they have returned home from service, encouraging former service members to seek mental health treatment and simply having friendly conversations with veterans to see how they’re feeling.

Veteran's Administration

The Veteran's Administration Online Website

Veteran's Benefits Administration

It's the Veteran's Benefits Administration (VBA) which informs you of all the different types of benefits that veteran's are entitled to from our government.

Veterans Crisis Line

Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one?
Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves.

Veterans Transition Support

The Mission of Veterans Transition Support 501(c)(3) non profit is to help transitioning veterans land jobs by transferring military experience into civilian job skills through No Cost civilian certification training, one-on-one career management coaching, and networking to veterans in businesses and veteran friendly employers. We can't do this without you. We need Donations and volunteers to serve.

Social Security
Social Security Administration

The Social Security Online Website

Cremation FAQ

Click this link to answer the frequently asked questions about cremation.

Death Certificates by Mail

Use the above link to print a copy of the official form used to file for additional death certificates.

LifeGem Brochure

Click the above link to learn more about LifeGem. LifeGem is the world's first company offering to synthesize memorial diamonds from the carbonized remains of humans or their pets.

Types of Monuments

Click here to see the different types/styles of monuments that are available for you. It is our goal to thoroughly explain the many choices you have in selecting a cemetery memorial that you believe is appropriate and affordable. We consciously try to help our clients feel no pressure as we converse about your choices and preferences. We are able to supply various shapes, colors, sizes, granites and engravings at a competitive cost. The flat bronze memorials are also availible in multiple sizes and with or without a flower vase.