Resources : Helpful Links

Here are some places on the internet that we would like to share with you.

Social Security Office

Find information regarding retirement benefits and qualifications. Apply for benefits online such as death benefit, monthly support for dependent children or spouse.

Little Tokyo Service Center

LTSC is a nonprofit charitable organization serving the Los Angeles County area providing assistance to those who are in need, especially those facing language or cultural gaps, financial need, or physical disabilities. Services include individual and family counseling, support groups, transportation and translation services, an emergency caregiver program, student help lines, crisis hotlines, and consumer education.

Grief Support
Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Center

The mission of Asian Pacific Counseling & Treatment Centers (APCTC) is to meet the continuously growing mental health needs of our diverse Asian Pacific community through the development and efficient management of culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services.

Pacific Asian Counseling Services

Pacific Asian Counseling Services is a 501(c).3 non-profit community organization. Its mission is to enrich the lives of children and families through counseling and caring. We provide culturally sensitive and language specific services with expertise in the immigrant Asian Pacific Islander populations.

The Mending Heart

  A bereavement support program and special memory gifts. The journey towards healing upon losing a loved one can be monumental. Letting go and moving forward does not have to be a solitary struggle. the Mending Heart is designed to assist along this path to peace with individual or group support. In addition to bereavement support, the Mending Heart provides a memory gift program called Companions, which communicates words of comfort and support to family members and friends throughout the first year of the passing of a loved one. Aileen Kyoko Hongo, MAG, GC-C (310)702-5737


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