Our Story


In 1937, Walter Beaubier, along with his wife Hattie, opened the first funeral home at their residence in Oscoda County in the small town of Mio, Michigan. "Walt" had become an embalmer by mail-order in Lansing, Michigan in the 1930's. By running an ambulance service, Mr. Beaubier could buy gasoline during the war. This started what became the only ambulance service in Oscoda County. Walt operated both the ambulance service and the funeral home, and when called upon, he would also travel down state to pick up soldiers who were coming home to Oscoda County.

Mr. Joe Larrison received his mortuary science certification from Wayne State University, as did all other succeeding directors in Mio. Rejoined Beaubier's as an apprentice, earning $10.00 a week. After 13 years operating as Beaubier Funeral Home, a partnership was formed between Mr. Beaubier and Joe and Donna Larrison. In 1950, the funeral home came to be known as Beaubier-Larrison Funeral Home. Upon the retirement of Mr. Beaubier in 1958, Joe and Donna operated the Larrison Funeral Home. They continued to operate the ambulance service as well until the 1970's, when that responsibility was assumed by Oscoda County. In 1973, the needs of the community warranted a bigger funeral home, so the Larrisons added a large chapel onto the original Beaubier Home. This addition was the first of many changes that each director has made during their ownership of the funeral home, yet it is still located on the original site.

In 1976, Dave Gordon, a native of Mio, served his apprenticeship with the Larrisons. He and his wife, Marlene, purchased the funeral home in 1979 and the name became Gordon Funeral Home. They, in turn, hired licensed Funeral Director Duncan Orr and his wife Lori in 1981. The Orr family moved from Iron Mountain to Mio, and after 11 years, became the owners of Orr Funeral Home.

In December 1999, the Orr's hired the funeral home's current owner, David Lashley, to become manager. He and his wife Patty, both natives of Jackson, MI, had previously lived in Grayling where David was employed at Sorenson Funeral Home, Inc. They moved to Mio with the hopes of fulfilling a life-long dream of owning their own funeral home, and in March of 2003, Lashley Funeral Home, Inc. was begun.

Although the name of the funeral home has changed with each successive director, the ideals of commitment to compassionate service and community involvement, established by Mr. Beaubier in 1937, have not. This is a small town funeral home where "Our Family is Serving Yours."

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