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The first mention of a undertaker or furniture maker was in the post Civil War days when a Charles Parker was advertising in the Dundee newspaper.   He later moved to Berlin Township and was employed as a teamster. Also in 1865 Augustus Glean was discharged from the US Army after serving 4 years during the Civil War. Instead of coming back to Monroe, he settled at Dundee and also opened a furniture store and undertaking establishment as the little town of Dundee was thriving. Augustus and his wife Elnor conducted the business until his advancing age made this impossible.

In the late 1880's a local man, Nathaniel Newell, a cabinet/furniture maker by trade also established an undertaking business in town. After moving from buildings to successively bigger buildings, he eventually built a new brick two story building on Riley Street just off the main block and called it the Newell Building. Nathan learned hospitality from his mother. He was born in New York but came to Blissfield as a boy. His father left the Blissfield area when he was about 15 and his mother and her parents, the Gahretts moved to Dundee to run a boarding house. Nathan and his siblings helped with the duties and taking care of people. This experience would be invaluable for his future vocation.

In 1904 Nathan and his wife Lucy also built a large brick two story home at 304 Riley Street. With advancing age, Nathan's son in law and only daughter, Fred and Mildred Hemenway starting working with him, learning the business. There was room in Deerfield for an undertaker and furniture store so Fred opened a business there while still helping out in the Dundee Store. Eventually Mr. Hemenway took on a partner, Earl Valentine, and they operated both the Deerfield and Petersburg funeral homes together. Upon, Nathan's passing in 1907, Fred stayed in Deerfield and Fred Moser of Toledo/Temperance came to town and rented the largest storefront he could find which was in the old Pocklington Hotel, the only three story Dundee building at the triangle. Mr. Moser and his wife Clara stayed until 1921 when they moved back to Toledo. He sold the business to Carl and Grace Kyper of NE Ohio and Western Indiana who was managing a small town funeral home.

Mr. Kyper saw the need for a separate funeral home building like the large cities were using and decided to use an empty lot on Tecumseh Street across from his home as a trial funeral home. He wasn't sure if this would catch on. He sold the funeral home to another local man, Royal Fisher, who grew up in Milan Township and the village of Dundee, across from the current funeral home. Royal graduated from Dundee High School in 1927 and was active in all of the men's organizations in town and also the Congregational Church of Dundee.   During World War II, the Fishers would add the the casket room to the building.   Unfortunately, Royal died in 1961 at the young age of 53. Together, he and his second wife Eleanor had three children, but none wanted to attend mortuary school to assume the family business, so the business was again sold.   

In 1961, O. Keith Buhl and his wife Ann came from Lansing, Michigan where they had been raised and purchased the funeral home and ambulance business.   They would a 2000 square foot addition in 1970 doubling the size of the facility.   The Buhl's would operate the business until 1984 when they sold the funeral home to a young couple from Warren, Michigan; Robert and Cheryl Cover.  

Bob had worked for four funeral homes starting when he was 17, in Warren, Livonia and Detroit.   The Covers lived next door to the funeral home and raised their two children Paul and Carol who grew up in the community attending school here.   The Cover family philosophy never changed: "to treat every family that we come in contact just as if they were our own and to keep up with changing times."

In 2018, Robert was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He was extremely passionate about his community and wanted to ensure that Dundee would always have a funeral home.   Bob and Cheryl Cover chose Brian and Tammy Merkle of Monroe to continue their legacy of dedication and service to the Dundee Community!