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Our Story

Family owned and operated for over a century, Chadwick Funeral and Cremation Service has provided genuine personal and professional care to four generations of neighboring communities. Chadwick Funeral Service was established in 1913 by Fred A. Pressey, who recognized the need in the New London community for a place where families could turn to in their time of need. Walton W. Chadwick, Fred Pressey's nephew, purchased the business from his uncle in 1957. The home is currently owned and operated by Charles and Marion Hafner (Walton's son-in-law and daughter), who purchased the home in 1991. The Chadwick Funeral Service lost two wonderful members of its family in September of 2002 when Walt Chadwick passed away, and in 2005 when Virginia Chadwick passed away.

As a family serving families in a small community, we personally know many of the people we serve. We understand that every family is different - different traditions, customs, and beliefs - so we strive to accommodate the needs of every family. By providing personal care, we are able to help families create a lasting tribute that reflects a person's values, religious beliefs, and even personality. At Chadwick Funeral and Cremation Service, we serve all faiths with the same personalized service.

In 2009, Charles and Marion purchased the Newton-Bartlett Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Newport, NH (www.newtonbartlett.com) and in August 2012 they opened the Sugar River Crematory.  The Crematory is located in Newport, NH.  We are proud to be able to offer this service so that your loved ones will be with us every step of the way.