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A little bit about us...

The funeral establishment that eventually became Ricker Funeral Homes was established in 1876 by Ed S. Durant. The business was later purchased by Charles E. Marston in 1896; Mr. Marston died at age 70 in May of 1922. Charles' son Carroll T. Marston ran the firm until his passing at age 41 in February of 1923.


In 1923, the business was bought from Maude Marston (Carroll's widow) by Frederick A. Cain. Mr. Cain owned and operated the firm until his death in November of 1950. On January 1 of 1951, Mrs. Cain sold the establishment to Timothy J. Dennehy and Philip J. Ricker. Following Tim's retirement in December of 1968, Philip Ricker purchased the business in whole on January 1 of 1969.

The home was operated as Cain-Ricker Funeral Home until 1975, when it became Ricker Funeral Home. The Enfield location was built in 1974, and Robert Ricker became a partner in 1975. Philip Ricker retired on December 31, 1986; the Lebanon and Enfield locations were purchased by Robert N. Ricker. The crematory opened the following year, in 1987. Robert Ricker retired in the spring of 2014 selling his business to a long time employee, David T. Ahern Jr.  who continues to operate the funeral home with the same traditions as Robert and his father Phil.

We are proud of our heritage of service, and we gladly share it with every family that honors us by selecting our services.