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John and Jennifer Lynch

John and Jennifer Lynch founded Lynch Funeral Service in the year 2000. As husband and wife, they made a commitment to each other and the community to offer a personalized funeral service at a low cost.

Together, they worked hard through the years to progress to where they are today. After years of companionship and effort they expanded Lynch Funeral Service to become the large and spacious place it is today.

Lynch Funeral Service is more flexible than ever before, with the roomy size of the facility and the help of the added staff, we are able to provide the community with latest technology while maintaining its warmth and compassion in which it was founded.

A funeral or memorial service is a time to reflect upon one's life, and because such services provide support to the living, they should be as meaningful and memorable as possible to those who attend.

In addition to funeral and cremation services, the Lynch family is proud to anounce the opening of the Lynch Memorial Park Cemetery.

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