Lonnie Earl Parlor, Sr.

September 12, 1950 - July 19, 2006

Guest Book

  • pat lawrence from okc, ok, wrote on Nov. 24, 2012:
    I met Lonnie way back in 1964/65 at abasketball game. He was delightful and kind! God bless his memory! RIP
  • Adolph Garcia from North Port, FL, wrote on Jul. 12, 2011:
    I knew Lonnie during his tour in the U.S. Air Force at Mt. Home AFB. We both played in a band called "Soul Expressions" where he sang and played bass guitar and I rythem/lead guitar. Even then he carried a star quality about him in everthing he did on stage. I enjoyed being his friend during that stage of his life and learned from him. My deepest condolences to his family, I know he is missed.
  • Sonia Hill (Parlor) from kansas city mo, wrote on Feb. 16, 2011:
    I miss u so much..Today is your sister Birthday and we know u would come a long way just to be with her on this day. WE love you and miss u everyday that goes by. I'm at a lost for words. U would think after 5 years. It would have gotten better.. Rest Well my uncle
  • Mamie A. Boyd from Richmond, Va, wrote on Sep. 1, 2010:
    I wanted to send you my condolences. I am sorry to hear of the passing of your dear loved one. May the memories of him help to comfort you now & in the days to come. The Scriptures brings out that there will be a resurrection (Acts 24:14). This is very comforting to know. While Jesus was on the earth; He healed the sick, & raised the dead; He will be doing this again, Since He is King of God's Kingdom in the heavens, now. I hope these words can comfort you & your family. I will keep your family in my thoughts & prayers. Love,
  • Jay Morford from Honolulu Hawaii, wrote on Jun. 13, 2010:
    I had the opportunity to work with Lonnie in Boise Idaho at some local nightclubs in the early 80s. The last time I saw Lonnie perform was in Reno with Legends in the mid to late 80s. He was an amazing entertainer and wonderful talent. It saddened me to learn of his passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Aloha and God Bless, Jay Morford.
  • A, Jackson wrote on May. 23, 2010:
    My heartfelt sympathies to the family as you cope with the loss of a loved one. May the fond memories shared bring comfort during this difficult time of grief and pain.
    (Please read John 5:28,29)
  • Dana MacAdam from Chicago, wrote on Oct. 11, 2009:
  • Keith Bottoms from Broken Arrow, wrote on Apr. 30, 2008:
    He will be surely missed by everyone.
  • JUDY ODOM from Tunica, MS, wrote on Jul. 18, 2007:
    My dear friend.........it has been a year now that I have hear your voice, your laughter and your joy of life..........and I still miss you. Every minute of every day I wish I could just talk to you one more time. But I know you are singing with all the angles and someday you will be singing with me. All my love now and forever...........my best friend............love Judy
  • Jim Anderson from Orcas Island, Washington, wrote on Jul. 8, 2007:
    Lonnie aways made me smile. :-)
  • Tim Merrill from Boise Idaho, wrote on Aug. 31, 2006:
    My sincere and deepest sympathy especially to the family and also the infinite number of friends and admirers left with a hole in their heart from the incredible loss of our soul brother.
    Lonnie, The example you set was awesome. your strength, talent and friendship were obvious. You dealt with pain and complicated chalenges of your life, all while cheering us up and cheering us on. I thank you from my core. I expect youve been welcomed with admiration and open arms as you were in life. with much difficulty and sadness I have to say goodbye dear friend.
  • Tim Merrill from Boise Idaho, wrote on Aug. 31, 2006:
    My sincere and deepest sympathy especially to the family and also the infinite number of friends and admirers left with a hole in their heart from the incredible loss of our soul brother.
    Lonnie, The example you set was awesome. your strength, talent and friendship were obvious. You dealt with pain and complicated chalenges of your life, all while cheering us up and cheering us on. I thank you from my core. I expect youve been welcomed with admiration and open arms as you were in life. with much difficulty and sadness I have to say goodbye dear friend.
  • George Johnston from Nampa, Idaho, wrote on Aug. 24, 2006:
    I did a google search on my old friend and mentor Lonnie...
    just wanted to see what he had achieved. I am shocked and sadened at his death. We toured together, and made music together for several years. My favorite band? Mainsteam. What a talent that man was. He taught me so much. I loved being his guitar player. I love you Lonnie...
  • Terry Deady from Chicago, wrote on Aug. 8, 2006:
    via con dios Lonny,
    I had fun, and the pleasure of singing with you the Wednesday before you passed at Monsignor Murphy's on Broadway in Chicago. We sang George Benson's "Love all the hurt away". Even though I stink at singing, you tolerated me and let me have my fun. May God bless you for all the joy you brought us music lovers. Rest in Peace, Terry
  • SONNY AND DORIS LASALVIA from CHICAGO ILL., wrote on Aug. 6, 2006:
  • jan crandall from henderson, nevada, wrote on Aug. 5, 2006:
    Lonnie was kind, sincere, and thoughtful. His smiles were wonderful and his heart was beautiful.

    And when he sang, he "Took the audience away," and we felt VERY VERY good.

    He uplifted my life and the lives of others with his incredible talent.

    We'll remember Lonnie because he wrapped his soul around us.

    Thank you Lonnie.

    My prayers are with you always.

    Jan Crandall.
  • JAN CRANDALL from HENDERSON, NEVADA, wrote on Aug. 4, 2006:
    Lonnie was kind and thoughtful.
    His smiles were wonderful and his heart was beautiful. And when he sang, I felt VERY good.

    He uplifted my life and the lives of others with his incredible talent.

    We'll remember Lonnie forever because he wrapped his soul around us.

    Thank you Lonnie!
  • Wayne Hunnicutt from Hudson, FL, wrote on Aug. 4, 2006:
    God Bless you Lonnie! I miss you and will miss you more as time goes on! You'll always be "Sammy" to me!
  • Eliza Clemons King from Muskogee, OK. 74401, wrote on Aug. 3, 2006:
    My dearest cousin may you have peace. love Ek forever
  • Nick Garatea from The Dalles Oregon, wrote on Aug. 3, 2006:
    I was lucky enough to know Lonnie in the 70's when he was playing Jazz with some other great people. He was a very good Bass player and that Band really kicked. Unfortunatly at the time Jazz was not big in Idaho so Lonnie used his other many talents to make a living. I've thought of that Band many times over the yrs. and will continue doing so. I'm telling you those Cats were Hot.
  • Deb Uhlman from Chicago, IL, wrote on Aug. 2, 2006:
    Lonnie was not only memorable with respect to his talent but also a gentle soul in spirit. His warm heart and huge talent made him one of a kind. He will sorely be missed. His impersonations of Sammy Davis Jr. were profound and tremedous fun. He was a true entertainer. Lonnie's voice was so penetrating that it made one pause while listening to it only to be swept away into the grace of his song.

    I wish you peace, Lonnie, and know that you are singing with angels right now.
  • Chris Burgener from Boise Idaho, wrote on Aug. 1, 2006:
    what an honor to hold you as my dear friend Lonnie. how times w/miles between us have offered all too few opportunities to be together. the visits that we all shared through your very short life will be cherished memories forever. my greatest memory will always be that you are in the arms of our LORD & SAVIOUR w/no pain or suffering. What greater gift but to know your gifts are being used for GOD's GLORY.
  • Jack D'Amico from Chicago, IL, wrote on Aug. 1, 2006:
    Goodbye my brother. I look forward
    to the time we share the Stage of Heaven. Until then your smile, your voice and your laughter will be in my heart. Love ya Bro!
  • Robert Raley from Muskogee, Oklahoma, wrote on Jul. 31, 2006:
    Lonnie was my best friend in shool from the time we first met in 3rd grade until we graduated from Fort Gibson High School in 1968. Lonnie left immediately after graduation and we all lost track of him. We learned from his cousins later that he was in the entertainment business in Vegas. We were all so proud to know that one of our own had made it big time. About 6 years ago I got a phone call one night and it was Lonnie! What a shock! He had found my name listed on classmates.com website. We talked for over an hour. I was in disbelief as I thought I'd never hear from my best bud again. We have corresponded for the last 6 years through emails and I'd always promised myself one day soon I make it to one of his shows.......Unforturnately that's going to have to wait until we meet for that big show in heaven he's playing at now. I love you Lonnie and the class of 68 will all grieve at your passing. I was so lucky to have known you for a short time. I'm sure going to miss all those hilarious emails we exchanged for so short a time.
    In Christ's love; your best bud...........Robert Raley
  • burg wrote on Jul. 31, 2006:
    Where were we when he needed us?
    We loved him because he made us feel loved. I am sorry for thinking of me and not you who continued on even though you could not hardly talk or walk. God Bless you my friend.

    Forgive Me for not being there for you.
  • Paul Loaiza from chicago il, wrote on Jul. 31, 2006:
    The first time I heard lonnie sing was 7 years ago he was not only a singer, he was a performer we went out drinking that night and almost every nite for a year. I meet the Chicago Rat Pack Jack, Tony, and Joe along with many other friends. I was with Lonnie at the Desert Inn in Vegas and the Kodak theatre in LA. After his 3rd stroke Lonnie starting singing at My club Monsignor Murphys as Joe Scalise said Lonnie was comming back strong.I was with Lonnie wed and thurs before he died. I was in Mexico when I found out.Jack DAmico said Lonnie's last Rat Pack show was his best since his last stroke. I thought Lonnie
    was going to overcome once again his challenges, his spirits were high and he was having fun. I was proud, so proud of the entertainer and my friend.

    Lonnie will be missed by everyone His Family, Friends and Me
    We are having a memorial for Lonnie at my bar sunday Aug. 6:00 pm paul 312 813 3691 for info
  • Barb Bailey from Chicago, Illinois, wrote on Jul. 30, 2006:
    This is the hardest moment of my life. Lonnie was my best friend & soulmate & a piece of me is gone forever-until we meet up again. When we first met, we were laughing
    about something & he called me "Phat," & my boyfriend, Paul, thought he was calling me "Fat," & that began the friendship of Barb & Lon. We talked every day. Paul & I got married & Lon sang with Rat Pack's Jack D'Amico in Paul's bar on Sundays. Lon's "Sammy" was unmatched. His velvet voice exuded the warmth & exuberance he poured into life. After Lon's 2nd stroke
    he ran miles on his treadmill & worked hours on his vocals to get back on stage again. Lon was "The Real." He loved harder & thought deeper than anyone I ever knew.
    Lonnie-I know you can see the tears streaming down my face & I feel you comforting me. You are with Sammy now-are you creating a whole new galaxy? For all the good times we thought would never end-
    You're "Unforgettable." Love, Barb
  • Cynthia Harris from Vegas, wrote on Jul. 29, 2006:
    I was there the first time Lonnie had his anurism. I adopted him as my brother many years ago. We went through all of lifes ups and downs, ins and outs, good and bad. We shopped together, sang together, laughed together, and lived our lives to the fullest sharing all along each others lives though seperate. Please send me any music, singing, etc, you may have so I can enjoy him still. He sang on a few of my jingles, I will try to go through the archives to locate anything I can for you on him. Our prayers are with you always.
  • david Allen from oklahoma city, ok, wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
    Dad, i love you and will miss you, you will always be in my heart,
    and in the hearts of your gandchildren,.
    you oldest son David Allen
  • charlene white from tahlequah, ok, wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
    Dad, i love you and will miss you, you will always be in my heart,
    and in the hearts of your gandchildren,.
    you oldest son David Allen
  • CHRIS JONSON from CINCINNATI, OHIO, wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
  • John Morgan from Orlando, FL, wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
    God Bless the friends and family of our dear co-entertainer Lonnie at this time. His passing is un-expected by us, but was fully planned for by the Lord.

    To God be the Glory!

    John Morgan
  • Michael A. Barriatua from Boise Idaho, wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
    Lonnie was a close friend of mine. My deep condolences go out to the Parlor family and friends who knew Lonnie. We kept in contact by both email and phone at least on a weekly basis. Lonnie took my place for the DeCastro Sister tours back in 1971. I elected to stay in Boise. I met Lonnie after the tour ended..We both were bass players and singers. We shared our closet thoughts,ideas,great times and loved the same kind of music. I visited Lonnie when he moved to Chicago and the Rat Pack in Vagas after he left Boise. Lonnie was an extemely talented entertainer,bass player and superb singer. Most of all,Lonnie was what you would call a true friend,always spoke his mind, and said I love you bro. at the end of the phone call. It's hard not to say "Well I'll check on Parlor
    today". Lonnie if you are listening, Love You Bro I'll sing the next one for you.
  • MYLES GREENE from CHICAGO, IL., wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
    It was with great sorrow that I have come to learn of Lonnie's passing. Lonnie and I have worked together many times, and have enjoyed his vast talents in his singing and guitar and bass playing.

    We have laughed together, and also talked through the night on many occasions, talking about everybody.

    I am proud to call Lonnie my friend. I will miss you my brother!
    Myles Greene
  • Joe Scalissi from Madison Wisconsin, wrote on Jul. 27, 2006:
    I was one of the first to find out about my dear friend's passing. The call came at 2:18 in the morning. That time will be forever in my memory. I spoke to Lonnie every day, usually more than once. The last time I spoke to him was Saturday, July 15th. He sounded so happy. The effects of his second stroke in July of 2004 were starting to diminish. His spirits were up, his speech was clear and he couldn't wait until our next show together (July 29th). Lonnie, I owe you so much. You were the one who told me I had what it took to make it in this business. You always were there for your friends and recognized that we were always there for you. I know God has a very special place for you. I will never forget you. Save a place for me on that big stage in heaven.
    Your friend and brother,
    Joe Scalissi
  • Beav Parker from Las Vegas, Nv., wrote on Jul. 26, 2006:
    I was doing Legends in Concert back in 91' in Atlantic City and met Sherie Rae who was the Bette Midler in the show. She was talking to her friend Lonnie and put me on the line. I knew in an instant that Lonnie was special. We became great friends. He was one of my groomsmen in Sherie and mines' wedding in 93'. We all spent alot of time together the past years. We love him and miss him so much. He was our family. Lonnie, as YOU would always say to me; Love you my brother! I love you too! Beav Parker
  • Cindy Harrelson from Houston, Texas, wrote on Jul. 26, 2006:
    My prayers go out to Lonnies' family. Such a Great talent!I like to think he's up there dancing and singing with Sammy.We'd crossed paths through the years, but sadly never worked together.
    May God Bless and keep you Lonnie.
    Respectfully, Cindy Harrelson, Barbra Streisand tribute artist
  • Cindy Merrill Montgomery from Portland, Oregon, wrote on Jul. 26, 2006:
    I am deeply saddened by Lonnie's passing. What an incredible loss.

    I met Lonnie in Boise, Idaho, early '70s through my husband, Tim Merrill. I was fortunate enough to see Lonnie perform at The Gamekeeper in Boise as well as other Boise venues that I no longer recall (it was the '70s you know).

    I fondly remember sharing a meal(ribs)with Lonnie and Paquita at their apartment near BSU. It was a fun evening.

    Tim and I talked recently (within the last 5 years) about flying to Vegas or wherever Lonnie would be performing, but we just didn't get it together - something I sorely regret.

    Lonnie was scheduled to perform in Boise not long ago - I was excited to see that performance and Lonnie after all the years. It was very disappointing and sad that he was unable to make the performance because of illness.

    I moved to Oregon in 1980 and was not in contact with Lonnie after that. I did follow Lonnie's career through my contact with Tim and the internet. Tim has shared great stories of his time with Lonnie - a lot of roller skating stories.

    Lonnie and I once talked about our shared Virgo birthdays: Lonnie's 9/12/50; mine 9/9/49. I believe Lonnie possessed the meticulous, reliable, intelligent, perfectionist Virgo traits that only enhanced his incredible inherent talent. I just know he nailed the Sammy Davis Jr. impersonation. I have heard from others how awesome those performances were.

    My condolences to all of Lonnie's family and friends.
    Loving Kindess, Cindy Merrill
  • Rich DeSimone from Devon, PA, wrote on Jul. 26, 2006:
    I performed a Rat Pack Show with Lonnie in 2005. I was Sinatra and Lonnie was Sammy with Joe Scallissi as Dean. It was one of the best shows I ever experienced. Lonnie was a true gentlemen. He made me feel like I was "one of the guys". I was hoping to have the good fortune of performing with him again. I will really miss him!1
  • Barbara Bogar & Jay Ramsey from Las Vegas, wrote on Jul. 26, 2006:
    Lonnie always said "I love you guys" at the end of every call or email. We love you too, Lonnie.
  • Joe M. Manuella from Glen Rock, New Jersey, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    It's always a pleasure to see our entertainers at the peak of their energy on stage.
    And sadness when struck down at the prime of their ability to make people happy. Lonnie we'll miss you, and your ability to make us laugh.
    We'll All see you on that Great Performance Stage in the Sky.
    Love, Your fellow entertainer Joseph Manuella- "Robert DeNiro" Impersonator
  • joe nasca from chicago il, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:

    you were a one of the best sammy entertainers always smiling and always talking nice to all fans who came to your show ive seen you a few dozen times and you were always happy and you did it with flare.

    My prayers are with you and your family

    I`m glad i was able to know you
  • Cherie Buckner-Webb from Boise, Idaho, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    I have loved that Lonnie Parlor for 36 years. From the first time I heard him sing and play that powerful bass, I've loved him dearly. Hard to imagine we have been friends for 36 years. Impossible to think he is gone. He was truly a talented, passionate, stubborn, exasperating, loving, beautiful man. I will always hold him close to my heart. Lonnie, thank you for your joy, your humor, for standing tall in spite of adversity, for overcoming what seemed like insurmountable odds,for your irreverence, for your tenacity, for your sheer will, for you corny emails, for you musical virtuosity, for your friendship. I love you dearly.

    To the family, I send my sincere sympathy. He was so special,


  • Rick Sonata from Toronto, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    I met Lonnie in a Rat Pack show Chicago in 1992, I said man!! this guys a great showman. Then I got a call from him some years later and talked on the phone for sometime. What a gentleman to talk to. We Will miss a great performer in the industry. May God Bless Him.

    Rick Sonata
  • Duane Landini from Chicago IL, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie Parlor constantly set the example of how to properly communicate with respect, honesty and integrity. I recall the first time that we met and as if we had known each other all of our lives, we shared stories for hours about family, life, business, religion, committment, responsibility, empathy and truth. I will always think of Lonnie Parlor as "one of a kind" and a special person that you may meet possibly but a few times in your lifetime.
  • Duane Landini from Chicago IL, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
  • Randy Meriwether from Kokomo,In., wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie will truely be missed. We
    had some great times at Mt.Home AFB
    Idaho.It was there that we formed a
    group called "The Soul Expressions", and performed at the
    Base NCO Club&Officers Club. We also performed at Boise State Univ.
    Lonnie had a great voice and was an excellant performer. I always
    compared him to George Benson.

    He'll Be Greatly Missed,

    Randy Meriwether
  • Jackie & Dave Cousins from Aruba, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    We are shocked and saddened with the news of Lonnie's passing, and send our many condolences to his family & friends.
    We are blessed to have shared good times with him and also enjoyed his awesome performance as "Sammy" while with the Ratpack show in Aruba. During that time we became good friends and we were very happy that he came to our wedding in Las Vegas in dec.2001. Even though that turned out to be the last time we saw him, we still kept in touch via email. We wished that we could have spent more time together...Because we always had fun... We will miss you man!... Rest in peace.
  • Shawn Connelly from Fallbrook (San Diego) California, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    I never had the opportunity to meet you, Lonnie, but we know there's a future time at which I hope to be able to shake your hand.
  • Betty Brown from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie Earl will be greatly missed by all that had the priviledge to know him. I met Lonnie in the 60's, as a new member of the family. We had lots of fun and his talents were obvious,even back then. I always loved to hear him sing and do his impersonations at the family reunions. Seems like there is never enough time to be close and tell the ones you love how you feel when you don't see them often. To the family: Hold close your memories and love for Lonnie. Trust in the Lord, that makes no mistakes. Find comfort in His presence.

    With Love,
    Cousin Betty
  • Carole Reed from Orange, California, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    My prayers are with the family and I am so sorry to hear that Lonnie passed away so suddenly.

    God is with you an he loves you and he will give you comfort. I will continue to pray for you.

    John 3:16

    Carole Reed
    LiZ Lookalike
  • Sammy Gartner from LasVegas, NV, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    He was one of the best freinds in my whole life. I already miss having him to talk to, and laugh with. I hope he's happy where he is....Sammy Gartner
  • howie slater (as spielberg) from los angeles, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    My deepest sympathies to the Parlor family.
    Lonnie has touched many people's lives. He brought joy and great
    Our planet has grown a bit darker, with Lonnie's light being turned off. May his love remain with all who knew him.
  • Jamie Hilboldt from Austin TX, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    I was lucky enough to work with Lonnie for almost a year. He was always a fun and professional performer and a good friend. I'll miss him.
    Jamie Hilboldt
  • Malcolm Hughes(Denzel) from Tallahassee, Fl, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    My sincere prayers and condolences go out to Lonnie Parlor's Family.

    Malcolm Hughes
    (Denzel Washington Impersonator)
  • Jeff Pickett from Lake Tahoe, CA, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    It's Sherie here...Jeff asked me to sign the guestbook for him...he doesn't have internet...and still wanted to be a part of this.
    Jeff and Lonnie were long-time friends. They spent many hours working on their songs together. They wrote, played and sang everything and had a great time doing it. He loved Lonnie and will always remember the time they shared.
  • Michael StJohn from Branson,MO, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie was a great entertainer,but more than that ,he was a great friend. He will truly be missed by all of us who knew him ,worked with him, and spent time with him. Peace my brother..........
  • Sherie Rae Parker from Las Vegas, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie...my dear friend...how do I do this...I miss you so much...
    I met Lonnie and his son Jonas in 1990 in Reno. We have had so much fun together! Mr. Easywave you touched my heart from the first day we met. He was not only a great Sammy Davis Jr...a bass player, writer, performer and singer, but a fabulous person. He was one of my best friends. Lonnie always made people feel good. We had so many laughs...so many good times...I was lucky. Lonnie always looked at the positive side of life. After he had his first stroke and they told him he would never walk...or sing again...he tore out his trachea tube and said..."I'm gettin' outta here...these people are too negative for me...I'm gonna get well!"...and he did. He had such a strong mind...and strong peace of mind. He was so enthusiastic about life. One thing I know for sure...where Lonnie is...it just got brighter. I'll bet he is singing his heart out and dancing his little butt off. I thank God for him in my life. I will always cherrish the memories...of my very special friend.
  • Eric Martin wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    To the Lonnie Parlor Family:

    May Gog extend his ever loving hand and soothe your aching heart.

    I first told Lonnie in 1987 that he should consider auditoning as Sammy, because of his uncanny look and his amazing vocals. In 1990 he called me and I set up his audition with Legends.

    His rendition of "Stand By Me and "Under The Boardwalk" still sets a standard that to this day I have never heard achieved.

    I mis and love you , brother

    Eric Martin
  • Lico Reyes from Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Dear, Lonnie Parlor,

    May God receive you with open arms just like you enterained us on earth.


    Lico Reyes
    aka Father Vito = Jesuit trained.
    (Guido Sarducci impressionist)

    Box 150001
    Arlington TX 76015

  • pete tryborn from boise idaho, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie and i both played bass in the boise area, he was a great singer and bassman ,we will miss him.
  • Gene Sironen from Las Vegas, NV, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    My wife and I met Lonnie many years ago through Legends In Concert. He was not only an amazing talent, but also a really good guy. We had a lot of fun together on gigs and in life. He will definitely be missed. We love you Lonnie! Carry on.

    Gene Sironen & Heidi Thompson
  • Rob Champion from Huntington Bch CA, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Please accept my condolences
  • Linda West and family from Tulsa, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    Lonnie was Homer Sallis greatnephew he was second cousin to me. May Bless your family be with you.
  • Rebecca Clark from Palm Springs Ca, wrote on Jul. 25, 2006:
    i have met lonnie at one of the rat pack shows, and all i can say is how sorry i am to hear of his passing. he was a very nice man and the best sammy davis jr.impersonator i have ever seen.he will be missed terribly.

    sincerely your's
    Rebecca Clark As Barbra Streisand
  • Margarita from Boise, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:
    Thank you Lonnie for being the father of my Grandson, JP, and the father of your other son LP. They are both very dear to me and so much a part of you. Lonnie and I shared many emails and thoughts.
    His last was a condolence to me, in early June, after the death of my brother. Peace to them both.
    We will all miss Lonnie's great talent and showmanship. I truly enjoyed the many performances by him and his various groups.
  • Edwina Howard from Chicago, Illinois, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:
    I met Lonnie in June of 2006, I only had a short time with his life; but Lonnie showed me respect, joy, and happiness.
    He was a special soul and one of the kindness people I met. He was real gent!!!!!!
    Love and kindness to his family and friends.....Edwina Howard
  • Paquita Garatea from Phoenix, AZ, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:
    Vaya con dios, Lonnie. We shared part of our lives together and the best was our son, Jonas Marcel Parlor. His love of music is from you as well as his enormous talent. Jonas will keep the Parlor name in the music business, so do not worry. You are at peace now and singing with the angels---adios.
  • Art Vargas from Las Vegas, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:
    I met Lonnie sometime around 1990
    when he joined the cast of
    Legends In Concert as Sammy Davis Jr.I was performing as Bobby Darin in the show and we hit it off as pals right then.We traveled together,jammed,sang, shared dressing rooms,We were brothers. I'd call us 'Two-Tone Bros', or 'The Dynamic Duo'. We always had a blast,I always looked foward to spending time with him. Lonnie is my Bro for life and beyond. His time on earth gave us one the the greatest personalities-talents and friend one was lucky to have known.We never had a falling out
    my time with Lonnie was always positive. Lonnie is a special soul,one of those that only come along in someones life few and
    far between,I treasured our
    kinship'. I had just spoken with him about a week before his passing, we talked about this and that,I was urging him to try and get to Vegas soon,so myself and people like Sherie Rae Parker(Bette Midler/Legends),another dear,loving soul to both me and Lonnie could spend time with him.
    As always we ended our phone call
    ended by saying to each other..'I Love You Bro'. I so looked foward to speaking with and seeing him again soon. My heart is heavy with sadness, When my soul
    departs this earth, I hope to be able to join God's choir with Lonnie next to me harmonizing,
    singing and smiling,once again performing together, in God's glorious light.
    *Lonnie, I'll carry on with you always in mind and heart..catch
    you later..I Love You Bro.

    -Art Vargas
  • PHIL GARONZIK from Boise, Idaho, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:
    I was a fellow musician who played with Lonnie in the 1970's
    in the jazz fusion group Spectrum and the show group Jubilation.
    Lonnie was a fantastic singer, bass player, and entertainer. He was always the life of the party and brought joy to everyone he touched musically. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
    I pray that the Good Lord will gladly accept Lonnie into His Kingdom.
  • Chezere Brathwaite from Los Angeles, CA, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:

    You were one of a kind! If there was anyone who embodied the "class" of "Sammy", it was you.

    You will be greatly missed; rest in power, my brother.

  • M. Deanna Choice from New York, NY, wrote on Jul. 24, 2006:
    Dearest friend,

    Thanks for the opportunity to see you in June. I can only smile, laugh and dance when I hear music that we shared. Thank you for showing me how to keep the smile and life about you as you continue on your days. I know you were not feeling well this last year; but you weathered it so well and kept moving ahead positively. Thanks for being a postive friend with music in you heart and mind. Much Love to you my friend Lonnie. Artist MDC
  • Zuly from Elgin, IL, wrote on Jul. 23, 2006:
    The warmest memories will always be remembered. Our condolences and prayers go out to those whose lives he touched. May God bless him and always keep him in his glory. With deepest sympathy
    Walter Leon and Family.
  • chizette parlor from boise, idaho, wrote on Jul. 23, 2006:
  • Bob Burgener from Boise, ID, wrote on Jul. 23, 2006:
    Lonnie was a brother to me, I loved him and will miss him. We have been close personal and family friends for 36 years.
    We played many gigs togather from a 2 piece to show's. My heart is broken as we alway's said to each other upon saying goodye" the parties not over"

    Love you bro
  • Dick & Katie Capcik wrote on Jul. 22, 2006:
    To my Friend Lonnie your now playing at the big Show with the rest of the guy's May God Bless You and Your Soul Forever. You were one of the best and loving individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends, what am I saying, All of Lonnies Friends were his Family.
    We hope to see you Again My Friend
    Dick & katie Capcik
  • cathy from cincinnati, wrote on Jul. 22, 2006:
    I am going to miss you cheesecake!
    My heart truly aches for not visiting YOU. I am so glad we got to talk before you passed on. I know that you are now resting. I will cherish all our special moments. YOu are truly my baby's daddy!lol

    Till I meet you on high!God Bless!
  • Victor Modlinski from Chicago, Illinois, wrote on Jul. 22, 2006:
    I first met Lonnie when he appeared at Pipers Alley in Chicago doing the "Pack is Back" Show. We became good friends after that, which was really easy to do with Lonnie... he was always cheerful and always positive and a great performer.

    We had many good times together and I helped him however I could with his web site and various video projects to help in his promotion.

    He was always greatful and truly a genuine person that never had a bad word to say about anyone.

    He was a gas to be around... I just regret that I did not get the chance to spend more time with him in the recent past.

    I will miss him greatly...

    Rest in peace Lonnie.

    From your friend... Victor, Victor
  • Paul & Carol DeCapo from Elk Grove ILL., wrote on Jul. 22, 2006:
    It's in the air
    It's everywhere
    The magical touch of you
    I will always be there
    I will always say a little prayer for you
    I will always care for you
  • Denina Crow from Mount Ida Arkansas, wrote on Jul. 21, 2006:
    I met Lonnie where I used to live in Cherokee NC. He was doing a show at the casino where I worked. We became immediate, permanent friends. He emailed me everyday since then except when he was sick. Lonnie had the greatest smile in the world, the biggest heart and was just a wonderful wonderful man. He will be missed to no end. Dear Lord you have one of your best with you now. My heart is in a lot of pain right now but I know Lonnie would not want us to be sad. I can see that magnetic smile of his in the sunshine. Thank you Lonnie for always always being my frined, I love you, and I will miss you until we meet again.
  • Linn Smith from Gig Harbor, WA, wrote on Jul. 21, 2006:
    For me, he was my dear friend and brother, I will miss him terribly.

    To the family, I am so sorry and I will send all the positive thoughts and prayers I can for you.

    To Lonnie, so many wonderful memories with you. I love you so much and I am comforted only now by knowing you are in a better place than we are and we will see you again one day. So this is not goodbye, but so long for now, my dear friend.
  • JUDY ODOM from TUNICA, MS, wrote on Jul. 20, 2006:
  • Jean Riddle-Jefferson from Flint, Michigan, wrote on Jul. 20, 2006:
    Lonnie will be missed by many...but he was my cousin and my best friend. I will miss him so much. Words can't express the void... that is now in my heart..but remembering that God will never put on us anymore than we can stand.....is a comfort and I say to the family God has the first and the last say in all we do and God is good all the time. Blessed be the name of the Lord.