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Throughout history, civilized society has marked special times in life with ceremony. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and marriages are shared with those we love because sharing brings meaning to the celebration. Likewise, when a life comes to an end, it is our instinct to share the loss with those we love. A funeral service is a celebration of a life lived, especially when it reflects the unique life and personality of the departed. It offers a time and place to gather, to grieve, and to share. The funeral buffers the pain of loss with the support and comfort of the presence of family and friends.

All of our funeral directors are professional individuals you can rely on for compassionate guidance in arranging a meaningful and comforting service. We are thoroughly experienced in managing the details of all religious denominations, cultural traditions and fraternal organizations. In addition to handling details of a traditional funeral service, we can also provide information and ideas that may be helpful in planning a meaningful memorial service or direct burial. Our staff is also knowledgeable in handling all arrangements when the deceased is to be transported to and from another state or country. Our primary purpose at Feerick Funeral Home is to manage all the arrangement details for you so that they are all brought together in a service which is meaningful, dignified and perfect. In knowing that no two funerals are the same we offer a wide selection of services. No matter what your funeral preferences, we can help you with every aspect of the funeral process.

A Few of Our Services Include:
  • 24-hour availability of staff to answer telephone inquires as well as initial request for services
  • 24-hour availability for transferring the deceased to our funeral home from the place of death
  • Respectful shelterization of the deceased
  • Upon request, embalming the deceased
  • Perform restorative work on the deceased when requested and needed
  • Perform exterior disinfection of the deceased when embalming is not choosen
  • Arrange for our hairdresser or a hairdresser of your choice when needed
  • Availability of our facility for private viewing of the deceased
  • Offer the convenience of making the final arrangements either at our funeral home or your home
  • Gathering of all vital statistic information
  • Offer a complete line of caskets, outer burial containers, vaults, urns, jewelry, flag cases, and markers
  • Record and return to family members personal effects of deceased such as clothing and jewelry
  • Offer a complete line of holy/memorial cards and or photo remembrance cards
  • Provide picture boards for photo remembrance displays
  • Provide a large screen television and dvd player for video tributes
  • Provide easels and other equipment for display of memory items for a personal tribute
  • Provide a complete line of requested automotive equipment such as a hearse, lead car, utility car, service car, flower car, and limousines
  • Arrange for a visitation or memorial gathering either at our funeral home or the place of your choosing or both
  • Provide a family lounge for refreshments and snacks when services are held at our funeral home
  • Coordinate all details with the clergy and/or others involved with the service as well as with musicians
  • Conduct, coordinate and professionally direct funeral or memorial services
  • Maintain an extensive library of music selections
  • Set up and later remove funeral home equipment and memorial stations when a church or other facility is used rather than our funeral home
  • Assist in arranging for a reception following the service
  • Provide a listing of local hotel telephone numbers and addresses for out of town relatives and friends
  • Make the needed arrangements with the cemetery and/or crematory
  • Help notify friends and family
  • Complete the necessary permits and obtain other permits when needed
  • Complete the death certificate and forward it to the physician or coroner’s office in preparation for filing with the local registers office
  • Order certified copies of the death certificate
  • Forward to the Social Security Administration a statement of death
  • Advance payment to cemetery, church, clergy, musicians and others involved with the service
  • Prepare and place newspaper death notices and/or obituaries
  • Notify veteran and fraternal organizations
  • Order floral arrangements
  • Properly place and make a record of floral tributes
  • Provide post service delivery of floral tributes
  • Prepare a register book for visitors
  • Provide a complete line of acknowledgement cards
  • Provide a listing of after-care resources when needed
  • Collect and forward to family members memorial contributions for charity made in memory of the deceased
  • Provide post funeral follow up