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We assist in families in making arrangements, following the loss of a loved one. By listening to your needs and expectations and exploring the many options available to you, we can, together, plan the most appropriate arrangement for you, your family and the community (who also may be grieving the loss). We advise you of the legal requirements (embalming, obtaining authorization etc...) and the moral and social obligations and/or suggestions involved with your arrangement plan. We then attend to the planning your arrangement. We coordinate, on your behalf, with ministers, churches, cemeteries/crematories, military honors personal and others, as needed. We assist you with filing Social Security forms, life insurance claims and veteran benefits.

Traditional services usually include a period of visiting, at the funeral home, church or other appropriate setting, either public of private. A funeral service, either religious or secular in nature, is held in a setting of your choice, followed by earth burial or cremation or anatomical donation. Embalming may or may not be required, depending on the type of service plan selected.

Cremation refers to a manner of final disposition, the same as earth burial. Therefore, cremation may be selected with many different choices of arrangements. We offered arrangements ranging from traditional funeral services (as described above) to immediate cremation (no viewing or services) and numerous choices between. Embalming may or may not be required, depending on the type for services you plan. See our Cremation page for other options and details.

Immediate Burial
Immediate burial refers to a type of service where no viewing or services are planned, but earth burial is still desired. Other options such as a graveside service may be added to this basic service at your request. Embalming usually is not required for this type of service.

Anatomical Donation 
Anatomical donation refers to donation of the remains to a medical school for study and/or research. The medical school must first approve of the donation in accordance with their criteria, as to cause of death and general condition of the remains. In most circumstances, viewing and funeral services may be held prior to the donation. Cremation usually follows and the ashes are returned to you at your request.

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