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Although level of service provided to the deceased, and the family at their time of greatest need, should be the most important factor in making a decision regarding which funeral home to choose, you can make wise economical decisions that will save money, without compromising the level of service (perhaps even providing superior service).

We would like to give you a few simple steps to ensure that you realize these savings, without sacrificing service.

Make a decision regarding the type of services you will be requesting, such as traditional local burial, cremation with or without visitation and/or services, or out-of-state transfer.

Talk to trusted neighbors and friends, or your minister to make recommendations regarding funeral homes in your area. The level of service you will receive is usually superior in family owned funeral homes. Make sure you ask each funeral home you contact if they are family owned, or owned by a corporation.

After you have selected the funeral homes you wish to contact, you should make a relatively short telephone call to each. Federal laws require funeral homes to give prices over the telephone.

If you wish traditional services, ask the price for full traditional services including: professional services fees, transfer from place of death, embalming, cosmetics, dressing and casketing, visitation, funeral services, register book and memorial cards, and all related use of facilities and equipment. Our price for these services is $3,395.00, so that you have a level of comparison.

Direct Cremation is much less expensive for those requesting no services. Our price is $1,695.00. Most funeral homes charge additional fees for alternative containers (Florida Law requires a rigid alternative container for cremation), medical examiner fees, transportation of deceased, service charges associated with obtaining death certificates, and/or crematory fees.

Compare casket prices, probably the single most expense item purchased for a funeral. These prices vary at each funeral home.  We also sell a full variety of caskets ranging from $1595.00 and up. Starting price for full size urns will  ranging from $75.00 to $495.00.

For a complete listing of all services and prices, please email your request to: [email protected] , or call us at 352-567-0000 or 352-567-6100 in Dade City or 813-788-6100 in Zephyrhills..

We believe that our caring, compassionate service is superior to any funeral home in our area, and in addition to economical pricing, is what the families of Central Florida expect and deserve. We simply treat people like we want to be treated. We would be honored to have you visit our historic building in downtown Dade City.