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We at Ricker Funeral Homes proudly own and operate our own on-site crematory. Our professional staff supervises all cremations, so you can be confident that all services are handled with dignity and respect. By managing our own crematory, we can fully serve your every need.

Cremation is a process of preparing the body for final disposition that is as old as history itself, and as modern as today. Contrary to popular belief, cremation need not replace the funeral traditions that have become so important to so many families. Cremation memorialization assures that you can preserve the comforting values of funeral traditions as well as provide a fitting tribute to honor a life that was well lived.

Cremation is simply another form of final disposition, just like burial. The means of final disposition is a personal choice, and one that should meet your needs and wishes. Any options you select should meet your wishes, desires, and traditions. We hope that you will take all the time you need to consider the choices and options available to you, ask questions, and depend on us to assist you in any way possible.

Because cremation is simply another form of disposition, you have the same (if not more) options available to you if you choose burial as the final form of disposition; options are available in both service type and merchandise, including:

  • Traditional Funeral Service - A family who wishes to have a traditional funeral service (in church or chapel) and visitation with the body present may do so, and elect to have cremation follow the traditional funeral service.

  • Graveside Services - Families may wish to hold traditional graveside services before the cremated remains are buried, entombed, or placed into a niche, mausoleum, or columbarium.

  • Immediate Disposal with Memorial Service - Families who wish to have the body cremated immediately may still select a memorial service to be held at a later date. The cremated remains may be present at the memorial service.

  • Night Service - Many families today are discovering that a service held at night with private interment the following day is increasing in popularity. This type of service allows people who may have some difficulty leaving work to attend.

  • Private Service - A service held for members of the family and invited guests only. This is appropriate for the traditional funeral or memorial service.

  • Customized Service - Your funeral service professional will assist you in arranging any service that meets your individual wishes and desires.

In addition to the options available to you in regards to services, there are other options following cremation. Cremated remains may be scattered, buried, or even divided to be stored in keepsake urns. The options are virtually limitless; we can help you arrange a service as well as make the choices that will help you celebrate and honor the life of your loved one. Please contact us if you would like more information regarding your options with cremation - we may be reached directly at one of our two locations or through our online information request form.