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We are knowledgeable regarding the details for all types of dispositions. You may have a Funeral/Memorial Service before or after the disposition of the deceased. The disposition can be public or private. The deceased can be buried or cremated. Some people choose to donate to medical institutions. We can also help when there is a transfer to another town or state.

Each family, of course, must decide who to call when the need arises. It is important that you contact your hometown funeral home regardless of where the death occurs. Your local funeral director can arrange at any distance point for immediate proper care.

Our buildings offer convenient and comfortable areas. Elevators are available where steps exist. Parking is spacious and well lit in the evenings.

Careful attention is given to flowers. Arrangements are tastefully displayed during visitation and service. Delivery of flowers is available after services if desired.

Music appreciation has become an integral part of the funeral/memorial service. Harris Funeral Homes offer an extensive library of music selections and we provide exceptional musical presentation.

Our Funeral Directors provide the utmost care and understanding in assisting with present or preplanned funeral memorial arrangements according to your personal requests. We have a professional pre-arrangement councilor for your specific needs.

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