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                                                              A Message Regarding COVID - 19


Please be assured that we are fully committed and prepared to safely care for the families that we serve, and have been honored to serve for the past 78 years, while our community, our nation, deals with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Although federal, state and local public health officials are dictating the size of any gathering that will take place whether at our facility or offsite, I can assure you that the rituals that are most important, most sacred to you can still happen but are limited for the time being in both numbers attending and location.

For those of you who might be attending a private funeral, memorial service or graveside service in the immediate future please know that the lack of a handshake, the lack of a hug, doesn’t mean that you care less. It does, in fact, mean that you care more. Although we are told to stay at home when possible and told to practice social distancing that doesn’t change the fact that your friends who are experiencing a loss need your presence in their lives as much now as they did during “normal” times when you could see them personally. So please use our online guest book, give them a call or send them a note. The smallest gestures have the biggest impact.

I would ask that those of you seeking pre-arrangement counseling be understanding of certain limitations that we are under regarding face to face consults. Although we deal with a high volume of families that we serve at need we have always made sure that one of our five licensed directors is always available to deal with pre-need issues daily and that will continue. We can meet face to face with limited numbers of people or by telephone. Protective masks can be provided during face to face consults to those in need. Those of you facing a deadline for Medicaid spenddown funding we are awaiting word from the Department of Social Services regarding deadline extensions.

Please look after one another and know that we will all get through this together.

Kevin Bangs


03/23/2020 (Updated)

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