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Direct Cremation

Peace of mind with our Direct Cremation Package. Yes you read it right; $24.07 a month for ten years for ages 65-70 years old. Provided you are in reasonably good health at signing, you are covered the entire ten years in the event something would happen to you.

This package includes:

* On call for the report of a death 24/7
* First call information gathering and question answering
* Pick-up of the decedent from place of death
* Hold and refrigerate the decedent for 24 hours
* Procure death certificate and coroner permit
* Complete and file death certificate and obtain copies for survivors
* Prepare decedent for cremation and take to crematory
* Pick up ashes when ready and deliver or hold for pick up

All for $1495.00 or $24.07 a month if you are 65-70 and Pre-arrange.

For more information, please call (215) 788-2821.