Plan Ahead : Why Plan Ahead?

Peace of Mind

Many who have undergone the emotional strain of arranging a funeral within hours of losing a loved one have made the choice to pre-plan their own funeral. Doing so lifts the burden from their loved ones by relieving decision-making pressure at a time of grief and emotional stress.

Personal Choice

Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. And we assure you and your family that the choices you make will be carried out as planned.

Pre-Funding is 100% Trusted

When you finalize your plan, we can advise you of the total cost. You do not have to pre-pay or pre-finance your plan, but doing so will further relieve family of expenses in the future. In New Jersey all monies pre-paid in a funeral trust account are 100% trusted and cannot be touched until the funeral home has provided services. Pre-Paid Funeral Trust Accounts can be Revocable or Irrevocable depending upon the situation. Families open an Irrevocable account mainly for Medicaid purposes (assuring that the money is protected in the event of transfer to assisted living or nursing home). All other pre-funded accounts are considered Revocable trusts. The accounts are established with the purpose of gaining interest at a competitive rate to relate with inflation of future funeral expenses. Our directors can answer any further questions you might have regarding pre-planning or pre-funding a funeral.