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Rector Funeral Home is locally owned and operated by Lynn Rector. Lynn's more than 25 years of experience as a funeral service professional guarantees you the attention to detail that is unequaled. At Rector Funeral Home we believe every family deserves the best we have to offer and that family should have access to services that are professional, dignified and affordable. When comparing us with other funeral homes, we encourage families to look at location, prices, references and the facilities that are offered. When everything is taken into consideration, we are confident you or your family will choose our family for your funeral needs.

Everyone at Rector Funeral Home takes great pride in their work. We treat everyone who trusts us with the same consideration we would like to receive. It is a simple rule, but it is one that has served us well through the years. Since it opening in 1996, over 2100 families have been served with this philosophy.

Many funeral homes carry the name of the family that established them but they may actually be owned by a company with headquarters outside the city or even, the country. The home ownership of Rector Funeral Home translates into a caring environment that families can trust. People who live in the community may operate a funeral home owned by a chain organization but they have no financial commitment to the funeral home anymore. Rector Funeral Home, on the other hand, was built from the ground up by local people who care about the needs of their neighbors.

We know that the death of a family member is a stressful time. We believe that the funeral should be memorable for the quality of the service and the attention paid to the family - not how much it costs.