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The following are samples of the many products available. If you don’t find what you had in mind, please contact us for more selections.

Premium Burial Vaults
Premium vaults combine the finest in engineering, workmanship and materials to offer vaults of unsurpassed beauty, strength and protection.

Name Description  

The Wilbert Bronze®   
The Wilbert Bronze® • Wilbert’s finest burial vault • Ultra high–strength concrete core • Triple-reinforcement with bronze, a high-impact ABS Trilon® thermoplastic interior, and an ABS Marbelon™–encased plastic exterior • Brilliant carapace finished with non-rusting bronze • Solid die-cast handles and personalized bronze nameplate • Brass Memorialization Plus™ capsule

Bronze Triune   
Bronze Triune This high-strength concrete double reinforced vault features a high-impact ABS Trilon thermoplastic liner, and matches extraordinary durability with the lustrous beauty of a polished bronze interior, bronze exterior carapace and accent bars, special emblems and customized nameplate, and a brass memorialization plus capsule.

Copper Triune   
Copper Triune Timeless strength complements the warmth and beauty of copper in this double reinforced vault with a corrosion-resistant copper interior and a solid copper exterior carapace.

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